Sunday, April 29, 2012

Whoring Myself out

Let's see...

I've had over 22 different jobs this year, mostly from answering ads on craigslist or helping friends out and getting paid for it. I need to write up a resume and I have to sort these jobs out. Sometimes I really feel like a crack whore doing anything for a fix.

I guess I'm mostly keeping myself busy to stop from thinking about Jen. I miss her aI  lot. But I don't have time to think about her as I won't allow myself to give her the time of day. I saw her walk across to her car from the admin building at school the other day.

I wanted to just run up and hug her, but I forced the thoughts out of my head.

The lunch rush wasn't as hectic as I thought it would be. But towards the end, this kid dropped his toy on the floor and I stepped on it almost spilling this couple's food I had in my hands. Yeah. That would've been disastrous. I made a little over $200 in tips.

I'm off to bed now. I know, its only 6:45 PM, but I'm beat. I figure I'd take a short nap so I can stay up all night and finish studying for finals this week. If I don't blog anytime this week, that's where I am.

Things to do for the week include:
1) Move the rest of my crap out of the apartment
2) Shut off all utilities
3) Change of address notices
4) Turn in my 30 day notice
5) Call Mom and Dad
6) Meet Joe for lunch to talk about Kira

The End for now. :)

Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ariel and Kira

Ariel is my long haired kitty and Kira is the short haired one who reminds me of a silent gray snake when she's hiding behind my couch, that I no longer have because I had some kids buy them off me from craigslist. I told them that they have to take the microwave and the PS2 with speakers and all the games. Sneeded to move out in a hurry so whomever answered my ads, I'd throw in other stuff on top of the item they wanted to buy.

I saved a lot on moving and hauling stuff over to Ashley's (my cousin).

I think I'm just going to keep Ariel when I move across the country to Flagstaff. Kira is just a mess. Such a needy kitty. Sometimes I think Ariel is too smart to be a kitty. She'll be four years old in July. Its sad to say, but I'm not too attached to Kira. She used to like being held, but not any more. Maybe its the fact that I'm gone all the time. My kitties are lonely.

I thought of giving Ariel to my brother, Chris, but he already has two cats of his own so I'm not sure how that will go over. I'd much rather have Ariel be in a good, safe and familiar home than to random strangers who might abuse her. Or maybe I'll just take Ariel with me to the desert.

These are hard decisions I have to deal before the road trip. :(

Aggravation time, Come On!

I had to move out of my apartment because the neighbors downstairs...I don't know. Maybe they have new friends, boyfriends, girlfriends, whatever. They've been getting louder and louder. I'm the sort of girl where if there's a personal attack on my, I know how to defend myself. But if its a sort of environmental assault, like LOUD ASS NEIGHBORS, I wouldn't have a clue as to seek help.

Around here, if you call the cops, it takes them a minimum of thirty minutes whereas you can do whatever it is you need to do before they get here. I didn't resort to stupidity although it did cross my mind a few hundred billion times. I've called the landlord but all I seem to be getting is voicemail and either they're on vacation to Happy Hollow or they're ignoring me. This makes me aggravated. Frustrated.

I called toasterface to see what he thought of the situation. He said, "Go stay with friends or family til the semester's over". I have two weeks and I'm done with UWF! I also asked him for a loan. I'm mean, he's one of my best friends who will do anything for me, but he said me he'd get back on the loan part. LOL

I don't blame him. I just want to get rid of my neighbors' company. And its almost like clockwork: Their hopped-up car--a little Honda with gull wing spoilers too big for its body, rolls up around 5 PM and BAM! I took the broom handle and pounded it on my carpeted floor which is their ceiling. The music subsides, but then there's the smoke coming up from the vents, which makes me think that my cheap apartment's air conditioning system is all interconnected!

I'm ranting and raving like a lunatic on this post. I was telling Samantha how, when I was coming up the stairs with groceries from Kroger, how I don't know who she is, but stopped me saying some schpiel that Kroger distributes beef from unethical butchers and that my meat is contaminated and blah blah blah.

Really? Are you serious?

Then the girl mentions something about being vegan. Hello? I'm not necessarily a meat eater but if I was born with incisors for chomping on MEAT, then I may eventually eat MEAT and not grass. And since I live so close to the OCEAN, I much prefer fish over meat. And animals. And I went on this tirade of eating fish over grass and bugs which made the girl more pissed off at me being sarcastic towards her.

OK. I'm done.

Saw this offer on craigslist for Help: Need someone to help me cater for a party of 200. I jumped at the chance and the lady called me back. I need to be there by 3 PM. We talked about the pay and I told her I'd be there in an hour. I'm using Samantha's car in the meantime. WOO HOO!!

Mark left a message on my landline. He wants to come over since he was in my neighborhood. I told him I'm not a booty call and he just can't pop up at my place when he wants. I was thinking since he doesn't get the hint, a vile plan toasterface told me about. That man is vile and I'm glad he's one of my friends. I'd hate to be his enemy.

Since the loud asses come in like clockwork around 5 PM, I should tell Mark I'll be home and let himself in. I moved most of my stuff out already so there's not much left. So when Mark waits for me--as if I'm going to show, he'll get a good dose of loud neighbors and leave me alone. And no, I'd be stupid to let that jerk have my new address.

I have to check my phone for voice mail periodically. I need to get a cell phone. Such a pain in the butt. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steak and More

I remember working at Long John's Silvers last year. I totally hated working with the people, my coworkers. Lazy. But the environment of grease got to me. I broke out in acne so I had to quit. I think in the last year alone, I've had twenty two odd jobs and at one time, I had three jobs: Dollar General, a storage place, and McDonald's. Go me for not sticking with just one job. I wonder how this is going to look on my resume.

Did my normal shift and going out with my parents since they're in town this weekend and they were going to treat me and one of my brothers out to Olive Garden. I don't think I've ever eaten there. Mark and I are not an item. He just had too many hangups and that bothered me. Restricted me to where I couldn't be myself.

I think I will forever be single. Not really sure if I want to date yet. Still trying to get over Jen. I'm always thinking about her even though its been five months. I heard somewhere that it usually takes an average of six months to get over someone you've had a serious relationship with.

I'm going to bed. I'm beat from yesterday. I had to work overtime and that's killing me. I wrangled my way in getting today off since I worked three days in a row now. I just got a voicemail from Mark wanting to be friends and that we should hang out. Whatever. I'm just on a way different wavelength the he and its just not going to work out. I'm not a booty call either. So IGNORE.

Tales From the Cuckoo's Nest

As soon as I was on the floor, I got report yesterday and I had the run down on what the patients did for the day side. One note I found interesting, if hilarious. A patient was detoxing and he was sitting at a table with his peers during lunch. He suddenly got sick and vomited on his tray. He got up to put his tray up but stopped at another table to vomit on his peer's food. Then again at another table.

Crop dusting via vomitus.

Yeah. It WAS funny at the time. Still is.

There's this male RN who likes to "crop dust" in the nurses' station. This means he farts behind on nurse and moves on to another until he's done his business with all the staff. Then he moves on to the nurses in the Med room, which is a small confined area. 

This guy was on the phone talking to his girlfriend. A patient comes up to the coffee counter, gets two empty plastic coffee pots and in each hand, smacks the guy on his head with them. The phone guy was completely off guard. The female patient then yells, "Stop stealing my flowers you sick bastard!" The man looks up at the woman, drops the phone, and punches the woman in the face.

The patients who were watching tv, clear the room. None of the staff move in to restrain the guy, who goes promptly back to talking to his girlfriend. The woman fell hard on the concrete floor. She never messed with anyone using the phone again. This was kind of hilarious too. Usually, I'd drop a patient for punching people, but this was a completely unprovoked incident. The woman suffered no external wounds except maybe a fat lip.

Everybody feels PAIN and crazy people know that they can get hurt. I have to find humor in human tragedy lest I go crazy myself.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogs and Egg Sandwiches

This is a rather old laptop and its gone through a lot of crap. The most recent was the battery burnt out cuz I left it plugged in 24/10. For all intents and purposes, this laptop has no battery so I keep it plugged into the wall 24/10.

I was going through all my friends' blogs and even my old ones from xanga that I still remember. I know cuz I had a rather unique name: crackbabyjezus. I like the fact that google has archived everything for quicker searches.

Other key words I can find my blogs would be: shituation, arsegoblin, mayhemgolgotha, morally corrupted, spiderwitch, witchblaze (my ex, Angela tagged me under her screen name).As far as avatars go, I usually have the evil toasterface or the black and white MS Paint rendering of myself, arsegoblin.

I first saw that word on way back in 2002 on the Random Thoughts message board. I know its from 2002 cuz I screen capped it and the time stamps was from that year. Someone had actually coined it as two separate words, but I went a step further and just made it all one word. Now I'm eating an egg sandwich, slightly burned cuz I was blogging and cooking at the same time which is a bad combination.

Had to turn on the stove fan to keep the smoke from rising to the fire alarm.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mass Matters

In my quest to get bigger, I ordered this mass gainer from a buddy at work. He's all into it. Meh, I just wanna gain weight. I feel I need it for the job. I was thinking the other day that my job requirements are minimal: 5 years experience and or college degree in associated field. That's it.

When I got hired on, I had 9 years experience of bouncing people around. But seriously, my job description would be put simply, GLORIFIED BOUNCER. More like babysitter is what it boils down to.

Yeah. I'm a babysitter. I feel so ... content.

I'm not complaining though. I have a job.

I'm thinking of looking for a second one. Something to keep my mind occupied while avoiding the workplace drama. And there's lots of it.

Yesterday I killed my core by pushing myself to do 88 jack knife or V-ups as shown in this video I found on youtube.

I also did my quads with a 40 lb. kettlebell. After injuring my left quad and lower thigh from a take down of a patient twice my size, I need to build it back to full strength. I barely feel the soreness now, but if I push down in some areas, it'll feel sore like just above the knee.

New prospect

I helped this guy move some garden stuff; shrubbery, bags of potting soil, garden tools, and other crap and he pays me $50 for an hour's worth of work! I'm not complaining: I need the money. But then he gives me his number and asks me to call him sometime if I want to hang out. He already knows my number. I had to give it out, something I never should have done. I'm canceling phone services with Cox at the end of the month when I move out of the apartment.

So Mark, that's his name, called me just a couple of minutes ago JUST to chit chat. I told him I'm not dating and its by choice. I'm not interested in blond guys since I am a dirty blond myself. I don't care for bleaching my hair out either. Seems like everywhere I look, everybody's a blond here in West Florida.

At the end of the conversation, he asks me if I wanted to grab a beer at Hooters. Hooters? Of all places! Then he says, "Hey, its not like we're dating. I just wanna ask you if you want to go grab a beer with me."

"Just you?"

"Yeah. Just me."

"Well if its just you and not your buddies or whatever. I'm not gonna be on your arm like some trophy."

"Hey relax. Its just me."

"I have one condition if you want to ask me out."

"Oh boy. What is it?"

"I pack heat. If that's going to bother you, then no deal."

"What, a gun?"


"Hm. I don't know now. You know how to use that thing?"

"Which one, the .380 or the .9mm?"

"You have two?"

"Actually, I have four handguns, 2 rifles and a shotgun. I only have the .380 and the 9mm here. The rest are back home."


"If you can handle a lady with a gun, and I have a license to carry concealed, then I'm in. I just like knowing I'm safe."

After some hesitation in his voice, he agreed. I get the feeling he's intimidated that I can handle myself. I didn't tell him I have four brothers to boot. Oh well. I'll tell him that tonight...if he doesn't dump me before we go out the door. :D

I got this.



I like this video for some reason. Maybe its the chicks on bikes appeal.

Its my day off so I'm craigslisting looking for odd jobs and being lazy. I was going through my phone and I realized I had a lot of images of me and Jen together. I...don't like her at all. It taken me this long to realize it. Even when we were together, she was bossy.

I own up to my faults of working too much (I'm saving for a new car), having a short fuse due to lack of sleep and not being around much in the relationship. And the bitch breaks up with me in text. That's what pisses me off more is that she refused to communicate with me on a face-to-face NORMAL level. I'm really bitter about that and yesterday, I see her in class and she stops to talk to me.

I just wanted to slap her and beat the living shit out of her, but I didn't. I was cordial and kept my cool. I acted as we never had a relationship. Then I told her I had to go meet a friend and cut the conversation short. I didn't let her know I'm still hateful of her. I know I have issues, but wouldn't you if your lover broke up with you via text?!

I don't have a clue

As to what my next move is: asking the parents for help or not, and then telling them that I need to go out to Arizona and house-sit for the summer OR tell them that I can't stay for the summer and help out with the birthing.

Maybe they'll forget about it.

Maybe not.

I'm not going to press the subject unless they bring it up.

I listen to White Stripes if I'm feeling depressed and there's been a lot of that going on.

I don't know where to go with this blog.

Maybe I'll find out when toasterface gives me ideas. Meanwhile, I'll wake up sometime soon. I need somebody to hug in the mean time.

Monday, April 16, 2012


Finals around the corner. Eugh.

I made a little over $275 in tips yesterday which is great, but I stayed til closing because the other girl didn't show up for work. I had to wait on her tables and a couple of them were big tables. Not necessarily big tippers, but every little bit counts.

As soon as I got home, I took a shower to get the restaurant smell off me and laid in bed for a while, just letting the ceiling fan blow cool air over my body. I laid there on the bed with a towel over my head and let the one around me drop. I didn't know I was being watched. Tori tried to wake me up but she said I was out of it. She covered me up and the next thing I knew when I woke up was me being wrapped in the bed sheet.

Tori was already awake at 3 AM. She doesn't do much of anything except study for botany classes. I walked into her room with the sheets still wrapped around me. She said she was worried because when she wrapped me up, she took my temp and I had a low grade fever. I think I'm coming down with something. I don't feel well. And I feel depressed and down in the dumps. Tori says I need to get checked out before I check out. She makes me laugh. Second best room mate I've ever had.

She's a bookworm and I'm a workaholic. Funny pair we make. I need to start studying too. My grades are what I call decent: straight Bs. Average. Nothing to brag home about. Charlotte says I need to apply myself if I'm to get into nursing school. I'm not really worried about it now. I have too much going on. I'll worry about it when the time comes like when I'm flunking, which hasn't happened.


Saturday, April 14, 2012

30 Minutes

I normally don't listen to pop music, but I was on youtube and one of my searches ended up with tatu's "30 Minutes". It got catchy. I then went on a tatu search and why have I not heard of this band?

Did some odd jobs this morning: helped a lady move a dishwasher into her trailer and removed some brush and loaded it into a pickup for this kid who was doing some landscaping. Got $50 from both. The kid asked for my number and wanted to hang out. I told him I'll think about it, but I won't. Too busy. Need to come up with rent money for next month.

How am I going to tell State Farm that my van is dead and I don't have a car? Do I have to continue the insurance if I don't have a car? Yes, I'm clueless about this. I'll have to call.

For some reason beyond me, I got home and turned on my laptop and watched some porn. I don't know. I guess I'm missing ... FUCK.

I hate feeling depressed. I have to keep my mind busy and stay busy.

Stay focused.

I got this.


Friday, April 13, 2012

If I fall

I woke up an hour ago and realized its the weekend! WOOHOO!!

I don't have to work til Sunday but my schedule sucks because I only work three days and all of them breakfast shifts. I'm not a morning person, but I'm not complaining much. When the breakfast rush is over, we immediately go to shift change and the lunch crowd come pouring in.

I don't have to share my tips either! I get the front section where the windows and booths are and whomever the other waitress is, gets what I don't have. On a good shift I'll make $200-300 and the most I've ever made was $350! But like I said, I only work three days which blows and they're not even consecutive. Sure, I WOULD LOVE Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, but no. I get Sundays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays. I'm not worried about it too much now since I'll be going to Flagstaff in a couple of months. I just need to keep my funds up till May. I have some leftover grant money so that's my emergency stash fund.

Always have a Plan B but I'm overly paranoid. I have a Plan C too.

Kind of like when my desktop crashed with the blue screen of hell, I had to switch over to my handy dandy ole laptop. It was a hand-me-down, but it still works. Besides, its Friday the 13th and good or bad, anything's bound to happen. So be prepared!

*wink, wink*


Thursday, April 12, 2012

Student Ghetto

I don't live in "student ghetto". No siree.

I live off campus and since my van is no longer needed of its services--driving Ms. Money Whore around, I'm just going to have to hop on my bike to school, and to save even more time, put it on the bus rack.

Every little shortcut helps. I answered this ad on craigslist earlier about someone needing to move furniture into the dorms and I was the first one that showed up so the guy hired me. He was moving in from Ohio and he told me since he didn't know anyone, he just placed an ad online. I helped him move this huge microwave, boxes of clothes and dishes, his guitar, 19" e tv, Xbox, and small stuff. He paid me $30 and then asked cel me out which I thought was funny.

I turned him down of course, but he gave me his number. I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and told him if he ever needed help moving, he's got my email. I don't have a cellphone: got shut off for nonpayment. I have a landline, but I rarely give out my number. Only my current roommate and toasterface have it.

I answered this other ad for a math tutor. Job pays $20 an hour which is one hour every day for a week. I still need more to pay next month's rent and utilities and I'm sure as hell not calling Mom and Dad to bail me out.

I'm grown. I got this.


Road trip!

I got a call from an ex roommate of mine and Cynthia's getting married in three months. In the realm of close friends, she ranks as my sister. Not biologically, but you get the point. She broke the news of her wedding and I'm happy for her because for a long time, I figured she'd be a man hater the rest of her life.

So anyway, as I was listening to details, Cynthia seemed so excited but didn't drop a clue as to inviting me. I then asked why. She said, "I didn't think you wanted to come seeing how you hate weddings and all." I replied, "I don't like crowds and I have social anxiety to a tee, but I'm down for your wedding".
"Good. I knew you'd say that because out of all my friends, I trust you unconditionally. If we were in a different lifetime, you are my little sister, babyface!"

I hate it when she calls me that. GRRR.

Then she said, "How about you come out here for a couple months and house sit?"



"Yeah. Its just Derek and I and we're driving to Pennsylvania for the honeymoon."

"But I don't have a car. My van broke down and kicked the bucket so now I'm without wheels. And a job."
"That is a problem. How about I fly you out to Flagstaff and you just move out here and house sit. Get our mail. Mow the yard and all that. Then you can get a job and pay me back. We're renovating the basement into a room and it has a bathroom down there too."

"Wow! Really?"

"Consider it payback for helping me with calculus and chem. Time to return the favor."

"Sweet! But I gotta go ask Mom and Dad. They were wanting me back home as soon as the semester was overT. They got rid of two hands so they're short on help."

"Not a problem. Tell them I love them too. We'll be leaving next month. Give me your answer before then so we can make arrangements. Bye babyface. I love you!"

Wow. What just happened...

I gotta do this road trip. Never been to Arizona and I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and that big crater in the desert. I'll ask moneywhore what its like. Thinking about it makes me excited!!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Job Hunting: Day 1

Soon as I got out of class at noon, I went straight to the Student Union to eat and look at the job listings on campus. Nothing I really wanted so I whipped out my handy dandy laptop and went on the search on craigslist. I know, I know. At least its a start. I was so buried in the site that I didn't know someone was staring at me. It was Denise.

She's one of the girls that lives diagonally from me but we have different classes this semester. We used to be close after having spent the last two semesters in the same class but different hours, but not this time. She pushed my backpack aside and asked what I was doing.

"Job hunting".
"Why? I thought you liked it at the steak house".
"It got old. I didn't like the people there".
"What are you going to do now?"
"I need to do something. My van died yesterday and I need some quick cash."
"Well you can always do what Sarah's doing."
"Which is?"
"What, stripping?"
"Its exotic dancing."
"Whatever. Its still stripping to me. And no thanks. Aren't those place dangerous?"
"Depends where you go. Its quick money."
"I'm not that desperate yet. I think I'll stick to normal jobs."
"Its a thought.""
"What are you doing? Same oh?"
"Yep. Waitressing at The Kettle. I make decent tips. Nothing to brag about."
"I was thinking about this one about donating my eggs."
"Really? Why?"
"It says here that you'll be well compensated whatever that means."
"Hmm. Well when you go, tell me how it is and what how much you get. I gotta run."

That was the extent of our conversation. Then Brett sat his happy ass down but not before I asked him to get me a Coke. He's a friend who has the hots for me. I don't see us doing anything or getting together, but its nice to have friends.

Now I'm back at home doing homework and facebook. :)

Karma's A Bitch

I was talking to Shannon on the phone about how and what we can do to the site and I get several interrupted beeps. I looked at the screen on my non smart phone and it was an unknown number, but I knew it was from someone at work. I don't reply to unknown numbers unless I have them tagged on my phone. After the second text, I didn't even give it a second thought as the person never identified herself. I say that gender with utmost certainty.

Then the 7400 suffix pops up on my screen and a smaller menu giving me the option of "Send to voice mail" appeared which I promptly chose with severe prejudice. I kept on talking to Shannon cuz I'm not letting anything like that interrupt something rather pressing.

I later read the texts from unknown person. She was pleading to have me do a 1:1 with a "tough guy" cuz he'd punched a woman in the face enough to send her to the ER. Then the other text read "Call in pay and $25 for every four hours". Whatever.

This is coming from the same people who put me on mandatory leave and had me go see a therapist for my "anger issues". RIGHT.

You want me to do my job? I'll do my job. I'll be firm and fair, but don't send me to a therapist cuz you think I have anger issues. As of this writing, I'm seeing a counselor of my own choosing due to my PTSD, not anger. Its more like frustration cuz I can't get passed the trashcan to the face, but I'm being enlightened as to why I'm feeling this way. There's other stuff going on which is the deeper root of the problem.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Alternator and everything else

I had the upstairs neighbor take a look at my van--its an old Chevy Astro van. Not only did the vehicle not start, there a was a huge leak from around the oil pan!!

Its like the van just went up and died while spilling its guts out because it knew I wasn't going to fix it. I thanked my neighbor for all his troubles and gave him $20. He's somewhat in the same boat I'm in. I don't want to, but I'll have to call my parents on this one.

As for my life, I'm currently finishing up a semester at UWF (University of West Florida) before I go back to the ranch. Not really looking forward to it, but hey. Its home. And home is where the heart is. Up til today when the van died, I was on the wait staff at a local steak house. Bare minimum wage plus tips. Busting my butt and going to school with little time for a social life.

I guess I really don't need one at the moment, but it'd help my 'social networking' skills as I'm lacking in the field. I don't like my coworkers: the bus persons, the other waitresses, waiters, but the cooks are nice to me to say the least.

On top of it all, I need new glasses. The screw on the left lens came off as I got hit with a football last weekend at the beach. I happened to have the right of way, but the douche who threw the ball said he was aiming for his friend who was nowhere near me. I think there's a conspiracy.

I don't have time to think about it. Just get my check for this week, pay for new glasses and then home sweet home at the ranch. I feel much more confident when I'm home instead of the city. Granted, I have my pistols with me, but some how, I just feel safer at home instead of this ratty student ghetto.

That's it for now. I'll keep you updated.

Ms. Money Whore

Its official! w00t ... now i have to come up with content. Nice. I'll rely on Shannon for that. I'm sure she has a lot to say. :D

Head Gasket

The van is busted. Damn head gasket.

We're looking at a major overhaul. I don't know if I should even go ahead and get it fixed. There's other things wrong with it that I have no clue as to what. Like whenever I break, there's a loud screeching in the wheels. And it over heats. And oil leaks. I might as well just sell it to the junkyard and get another beater.

I hate this. I'll have to pay my sister, Charlotte, to give me rides to work til I can afford another lemon. Or I'll have to dip into my emergency cash and get a dependable car which I'd rather have than another beater. This is my third beater. Its getting old.

I haven't picked up any extra shifts because I don't my coworkers any more. I don't care to socialize with them. I think I've grown out of them also. Meh. I think I'm going on the job hunt. Minimum wage sucks balls. And having no van just blows too. 


Monday, April 9, 2012

Ain't No Rest for the Wicked

Hi, I'm Shannon!
The other day I was walking down the street to a neighbor's house and this guy pulls up in a late model Caddilac and asks if I wanted to go to a party. Now, I don't normally talk to strangers in old cars and I flatly told him No. He persisted. Not to be rude, I stood there for a minute and listened to what he had to say. When he was done with his schpiel, I pretended to stretch with my hands in the air so he could catch a glimpse of my concealed carry High Point 9mm handgun strapped in its holster around my belt loop.

I'm a smart girl. I don't leave home without my 9mm. A little bulky at times, not as concealable as my Ruger LCP .380, but it does make for a good flash under my t-shirt. These are dangerous times and a girl's got to know how to take care of herself. *wink, wink*

Ever After

There's no such thing as "happily ever after". Every relationship requires work.

I've been in a funk lately. Can't seem to pull myself out of it.

I've been busy since the last time I posted. For one thing, the Director resigned and we've had no one in charge to oversee the daily workings of the facility. I've grown more and more distrustful of my coworkers, so much so that I've blocked a few of them from my phone. I've never had to do this before and I think its for the better. One instance, two people whom I've come to trust had a falling out.

I think there was a personal vendetta going on there.

I don't know what has gotten into people nowadays. It seems the company encourages them to turn each other in for minor infractions. I couldn't do that to those whom I call friends.

Once you've wronged me, it takes an eternity to gain my trust back.

In other news, I've moved to a new apartment and I'm working out and going to the gym more frequently. Something to do to pass time.