Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ariel and Kira

Ariel is my long haired kitty and Kira is the short haired one who reminds me of a silent gray snake when she's hiding behind my couch, that I no longer have because I had some kids buy them off me from craigslist. I told them that they have to take the microwave and the PS2 with speakers and all the games. Sneeded to move out in a hurry so whomever answered my ads, I'd throw in other stuff on top of the item they wanted to buy.

I saved a lot on moving and hauling stuff over to Ashley's (my cousin).

I think I'm just going to keep Ariel when I move across the country to Flagstaff. Kira is just a mess. Such a needy kitty. Sometimes I think Ariel is too smart to be a kitty. She'll be four years old in July. Its sad to say, but I'm not too attached to Kira. She used to like being held, but not any more. Maybe its the fact that I'm gone all the time. My kitties are lonely.

I thought of giving Ariel to my brother, Chris, but he already has two cats of his own so I'm not sure how that will go over. I'd much rather have Ariel be in a good, safe and familiar home than to random strangers who might abuse her. Or maybe I'll just take Ariel with me to the desert.

These are hard decisions I have to deal before the road trip. :(

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