Sunday, April 22, 2012

Steak and More

I remember working at Long John's Silvers last year. I totally hated working with the people, my coworkers. Lazy. But the environment of grease got to me. I broke out in acne so I had to quit. I think in the last year alone, I've had twenty two odd jobs and at one time, I had three jobs: Dollar General, a storage place, and McDonald's. Go me for not sticking with just one job. I wonder how this is going to look on my resume.

Did my normal shift and going out with my parents since they're in town this weekend and they were going to treat me and one of my brothers out to Olive Garden. I don't think I've ever eaten there. Mark and I are not an item. He just had too many hangups and that bothered me. Restricted me to where I couldn't be myself.

I think I will forever be single. Not really sure if I want to date yet. Still trying to get over Jen. I'm always thinking about her even though its been five months. I heard somewhere that it usually takes an average of six months to get over someone you've had a serious relationship with.

I'm going to bed. I'm beat from yesterday. I had to work overtime and that's killing me. I wrangled my way in getting today off since I worked three days in a row now. I just got a voicemail from Mark wanting to be friends and that we should hang out. Whatever. I'm just on a way different wavelength the he and its just not going to work out. I'm not a booty call either. So IGNORE.

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