Friday, June 17, 2011

An Interesting Morning

After waking up this morning, I immediately went downstairs to look for my old phone and do some dishes. Charlotte came down a few minutes later cuz she rarely sleeps whenever I'm not in bed. She'll follow me downstairs or wherever I'm at to see what I'm doing and just to check up on me. After we had an impromptu love-making, she told me to put pillows behind her back and had her hips elevated.

Dottie said that if I want to get pregnant, to not wash or pee for about fifteen minutes and keep my hips elevated.

What're you doing listening to Dottie, anyway? I thought you hated her?

 Well obviously she has three kids so she must know about getting pregnant.

I propped Charlotte's legs up with mine pushing against her thighs ... so it was a weird position to be in. Then I stood up, with her legs firmly pressed and held against my chest. On the bed. As we're both laughing.

I had off these past two days. Was asked to come in, but I turned Robert down. I'm not bending over backwards for that backstabbing assclown.