Thursday, April 19, 2012

Mass Matters

In my quest to get bigger, I ordered this mass gainer from a buddy at work. He's all into it. Meh, I just wanna gain weight. I feel I need it for the job. I was thinking the other day that my job requirements are minimal: 5 years experience and or college degree in associated field. That's it.

When I got hired on, I had 9 years experience of bouncing people around. But seriously, my job description would be put simply, GLORIFIED BOUNCER. More like babysitter is what it boils down to.

Yeah. I'm a babysitter. I feel so ... content.

I'm not complaining though. I have a job.

I'm thinking of looking for a second one. Something to keep my mind occupied while avoiding the workplace drama. And there's lots of it.

Yesterday I killed my core by pushing myself to do 88 jack knife or V-ups as shown in this video I found on youtube.

I also did my quads with a 40 lb. kettlebell. After injuring my left quad and lower thigh from a take down of a patient twice my size, I need to build it back to full strength. I barely feel the soreness now, but if I push down in some areas, it'll feel sore like just above the knee.

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