Thursday, April 19, 2012


I like this video for some reason. Maybe its the chicks on bikes appeal.

Its my day off so I'm craigslisting looking for odd jobs and being lazy. I was going through my phone and I realized I had a lot of images of me and Jen together. I...don't like her at all. It taken me this long to realize it. Even when we were together, she was bossy.

I own up to my faults of working too much (I'm saving for a new car), having a short fuse due to lack of sleep and not being around much in the relationship. And the bitch breaks up with me in text. That's what pisses me off more is that she refused to communicate with me on a face-to-face NORMAL level. I'm really bitter about that and yesterday, I see her in class and she stops to talk to me.

I just wanted to slap her and beat the living shit out of her, but I didn't. I was cordial and kept my cool. I acted as we never had a relationship. Then I told her I had to go meet a friend and cut the conversation short. I didn't let her know I'm still hateful of her. I know I have issues, but wouldn't you if your lover broke up with you via text?!

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