Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Head Gasket

The van is busted. Damn head gasket.

We're looking at a major overhaul. I don't know if I should even go ahead and get it fixed. There's other things wrong with it that I have no clue as to what. Like whenever I break, there's a loud screeching in the wheels. And it over heats. And oil leaks. I might as well just sell it to the junkyard and get another beater.

I hate this. I'll have to pay my sister, Charlotte, to give me rides to work til I can afford another lemon. Or I'll have to dip into my emergency cash and get a dependable car which I'd rather have than another beater. This is my third beater. Its getting old.

I haven't picked up any extra shifts because I don't my coworkers any more. I don't care to socialize with them. I think I've grown out of them also. Meh. I think I'm going on the job hunt. Minimum wage sucks balls. And having no van just blows too. 


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