Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

That was what I heard this morning as I answered my phone to come into work on the serving line. Lucca was short on people today, so she asked if I could fill in. I told her if I did come in, I didn't want to be a server. She said she'd put me on the serving line and that I'd have to help the bussers and dishwashers. "That's fine", I said.

I didn't want to tell her that I had an irate customer cuss me out last night and the last thing I wanted to deal with is people on my day off. The serving line's not too bad. All I have to do was take food out and refill the empty pans and help bus tables. I'm feeling lazy today. I also asked to come in at seven tonight. I have 43 hours this week. I should be in trouble but I have an OK from the manager, Tim. He likes me. I meant, he likes me because I come in for shifts no one wants. And that he can always depend on me.

He doesn't like me THAT way. It would look bad on him playing favorites with the wait staff. At least, I don't think he likes me in a romantic way.

In other news, Cynthia sent me email from Germany! Wow!

She asked how I was doing and if I was seeing anyone to not bring them over to the house. I denied the last part. I don't know how she would take to me having Annie overnight and us being together. I clearly did not initiate anything on Annie. She said after we had Au Gratin potatoes and stir fry I made, "I'm attracted to you, Shannon. I can't help it."

No, I'm not telling Cynthia about her. She said she and her hubby should be back around February and that she'd want me to stay on and do some work for them. If its a paying job, I'm all for it. Or if I continue with the house-sitting, I'm all for that too.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Annie, oh Annie!

Annie is the complete opposite of me.

I think she's had a sheltered life living with her mother. She also told me that her mom has fibromyalgia and some other back injury which is why she has to take care of her mother too.

Annie came over this morning as I was headed into town for groceries. I asked her if she wanted to come along.

She: "I don't have any money."
Me: "I didn't ask if you had any money, silly. I just asked if you want to come along."
She: "Sure! What're you gonna get?"
Me: "The usual food stuffs. I'm not trying to lose too much weight."
She: "Oh my gosh, Shannon! You don't need to lose weight at all! You're so skinny!"
Me: "Whatever."

Side note: I don't date often but when the opportunity arises, I'll give it a chance whether it be male or female. I've been thinking about Annie a whole lot lately. Maybe because I live out here in the middle of the desert, well not really, but I do live far from town a little north on US 89. Nearest landmark is Deadman's Mesa. Nice name.

I've been thinking a lot about Annie. A LOT. I think she's incredibly cute and that's coming from a girl. I don't want just sex. I want somebody to do things with. I want companionship. Friendship. Relationship. Oh! I don't know what I want. Maybe I'm just going stir crazy from being alone! Sometimes I like it. Sometimes I don't.

Its been three weeks since Cynthia emailed me. I hope they're all right overseas. They stopped paying me since I have two jobs now. I had to drop two classes because I couldn't get up early enough for them after working overnight in a group home for girls.

My friend Alain aka "toasterface", the other author to this blog, is also house-sitting for "two hot lesbians who've put me forever in friend zone" in a text he sent me yesterday.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey Pretty!

I was walking down to get the mail which is at least a mile or so from the mailbox and I saw this girl in a striped t-shirt and daisy dukes with sneakers, walking her big black dog. We almost ran into each other if it hadn't been for the dog dragging her along! This is the conversation when I met Annie.

Me: "Hi, you live around here? I didn't know there were other people on this road."
Her: "No, I'm visiting my Dad. He lives in that old brick house when you come around the second corner."
Me: "Wow. I didn't know there was someone living in it. It looks so run down and always dark."
Her: "I know, right? My Dad, he's away a lot so I live with my Mom in town."
Me: "Mind if I ask what your Dad does?"
Her: "He's in the military Special Ops something. He doesn't say much about what he does and I stopped asking."
Me: "Wow. Aren't you cold? I'm freezing even though the sun is out."
Her: "No, not a bit. Its perfect weather for me. Feels great!"
Me: "By the way, I'm Shannon."
Her: "Annie. Pleased to meet you."
Me: "I live up a mile. I'm house-sitting for friends."
Her: "Cool! Aren't you scared living by yourself out here?"
Me: "Why should I? God watches over me and so do my steel angels."
Her: "Steel angels?"
Me: "You'll have to meet them sometime. Wanna come over tonight for dinner? I don't see too many people out here. I promise I won't bite."
Her: "Can I bring my Mom? I don't want her to worry."
Me: "Sure! I make a mean meat loaf and potatoes."
Her: "Awesome! Its a date then!"

We must have talked for over an hour. She got a text from her Mom that she was going into work early so she's just going to come with Macky, her German Sheppard I saw earlier in the day. There wasn't a speck of any other color besides black on his coat. I've never seen such a big black dog! Annie said that her father asked her to take care of him till he gets back, which could be any day. Annie's a year younger than me, with shoulder-length natural brown hair, athletic build; she said she was on the softball team at NAU. She was curious what I meant about steel angels and asked me if I was a welder or architect and if they were sculptures. I laughed a little bit and said she'll just have to see for herself. She's a cutie!

I met a new friend! I thought of this song which describes me thinking about Annie. "Hey Pretty" by Poe.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Insane in the Membrane

Listening to old school, Cypress Hill.

I think I took on more than I can handle; going to school and working two jobs. After this semester is over, I'm just going to concentrate on school. Not so much working two jobs because its just absolutely crazy! I don't know what I was thinking!

So here I am, at home in my little room--I don't stay in the big comfy one across the hall since its not mine so I sleep in the guest room. Its a cozy place, not too big and just enough for me to hear everything. I hate big houses. With a big house, somebody could be sneaking up on me and I won't know it. This place that I'm still house-sitting, my friends are taking an extended working vacation overseas in Thailand. They said they needed to make connections for their import business so they won't be back till summer, for sure.

No complaints from me. They stopped paying me since I've found work and said if I need money to pay the bills to just call them and they'll put money in my account. When school or work isn't keeping me busy, I've been doing a lot of yard work. Its great because it keeps me busy. I didn't need to, but I sold my .45 to a friend who needed to have a firearm in case her stalker ex-boyfriend came around threatening her.

Its a little on the heavy side, but I wasn't about to give up my 9mm or .22. We went down the road to the owners' patch of land and I showed her how to use the pistol. I even gave her all the ammo I had for the gun so she wouldn't have to spend a dime. Something to get her started and keep my friend safe.

Anyway, tonight I sat home alone watching ghost stories on the BIO channel. I was thinking of getting a puppy to keep me company around the house. I don't know. This requires some thought although I like living alone out here in the sticks by myself. I might ask Eva if she wants to stay the weekend next time I see her.

Time to start a fire in the fire place. Gets cool quick around here. :)