Friday, July 24, 2015

State of the Nation

So a coworker and I were talking about the current presidential candidates and he asked me who I would vote for. And I told him "first of all, I'm brutally honest so whatever I have say will probably piss you off, but since you asked..."

"One: We have a weakling president in office and he's running this country into the ground. And then he gets together with a terrorist nation to sign a nuclear deal with them? Whatever happened to not making any deals with terrorists? And his entire term, he wants to do away with the Constitution and the Second Amendment. Fuck that!

Two: But getting back to your question...Donald Trump will get my vote as will Ted Cruz and Carly Fiorina. Maybe Marco Rubio. But I like Ted Cruz' style. He doesn't mince words and gets straight to the point like when he totally DESTROYED the ICE director Saldana on releasing dangerous illegals into the population. So after Trump, I'd vote for Ted Cruz."

Coworker shut his face. He's a Democrat...I'm sick of them and their front person Hilary Clinton.

Thursday, July 9, 2015

Poe - Hello

Yeah...I LOVE this rock version of the original.

Flag Controversy

This is the Confederate flag. It is part of American heritage and is sometimes referred to as "stars and bars". As with everything, people take symbolism to the extremes. just like the swastika was a symbol of good fortune for THOUSANDS of years till Hitler bastardized it to the Nazi symbol of oppression, brutality and death. EVERY symbol has its origins. I, myself, think of the Confederate flag as part of US history and heritage, not hate.

Plus...I think it's a cool looking design.