Saturday, July 6, 2013

Almost Lovers

Switchblade: I've just been waiting too long, so this is way hard for me. My mouth chomps on the bit, but your fucking ass saved me. I belong to you.

Me: You're married. You belong to your husband. You told me that. You said, "How could I possibly belong to you? How could you possibly belong to me?" I hated that realization. But I can't leave you alone. But when we fuck, we belong to nobody, no strings, nothing. Just us. I only want to be possessed by you and no one else. Christ. I need sleep. Going crazy with no sleep. I hate you.

Switchblade: I don't belong to the man I married. Its a technicality. He doesn't own me. No one does. Just relax and sleep.


Me: I just want you so fucking bad!! You and no one else. Sleep. I need sleep.

Switchblade: I am yours Alain. So rest. I'm not going to fuck him. Even if I did not know you, I would not be sleeping with him. I haven't been for years. I have no interest. He killed all of that. Murdered actually, over and over again. I ain't going back to him. I can't emotionally. My brain would never let me. I am unable to due to my personality which means I'm vulnerable when someone knows me.

Switchblade: I'm lonely and I couldn't resist you. Its because somehow I knew you were compatible with me sexually and I crave that connection. I'm usually very reserved. So sleep. I don't even want anyone else. I can't even think about anyone else. Can't you see it in my face? Don't you know?