Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Karma's A Bitch

I was talking to Shannon on the phone about how and what we can do to the site and I get several interrupted beeps. I looked at the screen on my non smart phone and it was an unknown number, but I knew it was from someone at work. I don't reply to unknown numbers unless I have them tagged on my phone. After the second text, I didn't even give it a second thought as the person never identified herself. I say that gender with utmost certainty.

Then the 7400 suffix pops up on my screen and a smaller menu giving me the option of "Send to voice mail" appeared which I promptly chose with severe prejudice. I kept on talking to Shannon cuz I'm not letting anything like that interrupt something rather pressing.

I later read the texts from unknown person. She was pleading to have me do a 1:1 with a "tough guy" cuz he'd punched a woman in the face enough to send her to the ER. Then the other text read "Call in pay and $25 for every four hours". Whatever.

This is coming from the same people who put me on mandatory leave and had me go see a therapist for my "anger issues". RIGHT.

You want me to do my job? I'll do my job. I'll be firm and fair, but don't send me to a therapist cuz you think I have anger issues. As of this writing, I'm seeing a counselor of my own choosing due to my PTSD, not anger. Its more like frustration cuz I can't get passed the trashcan to the face, but I'm being enlightened as to why I'm feeling this way. There's other stuff going on which is the deeper root of the problem.

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