Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Job Hunting: Day 1

Soon as I got out of class at noon, I went straight to the Student Union to eat and look at the job listings on campus. Nothing I really wanted so I whipped out my handy dandy laptop and went on the search on craigslist. I know, I know. At least its a start. I was so buried in the site that I didn't know someone was staring at me. It was Denise.

She's one of the girls that lives diagonally from me but we have different classes this semester. We used to be close after having spent the last two semesters in the same class but different hours, but not this time. She pushed my backpack aside and asked what I was doing.

"Job hunting".
"Why? I thought you liked it at the steak house".
"It got old. I didn't like the people there".
"What are you going to do now?"
"I need to do something. My van died yesterday and I need some quick cash."
"Well you can always do what Sarah's doing."
"Which is?"
"What, stripping?"
"Its exotic dancing."
"Whatever. Its still stripping to me. And no thanks. Aren't those place dangerous?"
"Depends where you go. Its quick money."
"I'm not that desperate yet. I think I'll stick to normal jobs."
"Its a thought.""
"What are you doing? Same oh?"
"Yep. Waitressing at The Kettle. I make decent tips. Nothing to brag about."
"I was thinking about this one about donating my eggs."
"Really? Why?"
"It says here that you'll be well compensated whatever that means."
"Hmm. Well when you go, tell me how it is and what how much you get. I gotta run."

That was the extent of our conversation. Then Brett sat his happy ass down but not before I asked him to get me a Coke. He's a friend who has the hots for me. I don't see us doing anything or getting together, but its nice to have friends.

Now I'm back at home doing homework and facebook. :)

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