Thursday, April 12, 2012

Student Ghetto

I don't live in "student ghetto". No siree.

I live off campus and since my van is no longer needed of its services--driving Ms. Money Whore around, I'm just going to have to hop on my bike to school, and to save even more time, put it on the bus rack.

Every little shortcut helps. I answered this ad on craigslist earlier about someone needing to move furniture into the dorms and I was the first one that showed up so the guy hired me. He was moving in from Ohio and he told me since he didn't know anyone, he just placed an ad online. I helped him move this huge microwave, boxes of clothes and dishes, his guitar, 19" e tv, Xbox, and small stuff. He paid me $30 and then asked cel me out which I thought was funny.

I turned him down of course, but he gave me his number. I put it in the back pocket of my jeans and told him if he ever needed help moving, he's got my email. I don't have a cellphone: got shut off for nonpayment. I have a landline, but I rarely give out my number. Only my current roommate and toasterface have it.

I answered this other ad for a math tutor. Job pays $20 an hour which is one hour every day for a week. I still need more to pay next month's rent and utilities and I'm sure as hell not calling Mom and Dad to bail me out.

I'm grown. I got this.


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