Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Currently unmotivated aInt the moment.

My butt's dragging. Last Sunday, I disagreed with the head waitstaff and I stayed mad. She pissed me off! I tried to stay calm even during the evening rush but the more I thought about the problem, my attitude towards the problem got worse.

Then when Tasha asked me if I was OK because I had this way about me that she could feel even when I was across the room as she was waiting on her customers, I didn't answer her. She asked again, and I finally said, "Nothing. I'm not well at all".

I took one last sip of my drink and walked to the manager's office and told Marcus that my house alarm is going off and I needed to go to check it out. It wasn't actually, but I decided to remove myself from the situation that was bothering me and thus, preventing further chaos for myself and others.

I normally don't let stuff get to me and shake it off, but the head waitstaff--I won't name her because she'll just conjure up bad vibes and make me mad all over again, was rude and offensive. I wanted to punch her in the face...but I didn't. I calmly told management that I needed to check my house and clocked out.

I didn't even go in to work Monday. Actually, I had forgotten that I was on the schedule for Monday. Too stressed. Instead, I spent the day with Chelle and Lisa in Phoenix, doing this indoor rock-climbing thing. I definitely need to lose about ten pounds! I spent the night at Chelle's and when I woke up the next morning, she had made some waffles, bacon and eggs and was brewing up coffee. She greeted me warmly.

"And how're you doing this fine Tuesday morning?"
"Tuesday? Its Wednesday."
"Nope, Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday and Tuesday comes after Monday."
"I know that smart ass. I thought it was Wednesday!"
"You need to go back to sleep. But here, I made some coffee. It'll make you come to your senses."
"Oh my God. I totally missed work yesterday! Shit! Shit! Shit!"
"Wow, Shan. Maybe you can call them and explain everything and that you didn't know."
"My first no call, no show. Crap. I'll have to talk to Marcus or Chad."
"Just call them or go there later. You're a hard worker. I'm sure they'll understand."

I didn't tell her but we both know that in any job, a no call-no show is grounds for termination. I've never done this before. I actually forgot I had to work! Eeeep!

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Creepy Cats

Lately, there's two cats thterat I've seen around the yard that have been hanging around. I don't like cats. I think they're nasty. Sure they may be cute when they're young, but doesn't everything look cute when they're young?

I used to house-sit for this lady back in Pensacola and I had to clean out the litter box every three or four days. And then I got to thinking, why do cats need to poop in the house in a litter box? Can't they do it outside like four-legged animals? Even the most pampered dogs use it outdoors.

One morning while I was cleaning out the litter box, I went to the kitchen to throw the poop in the trashcan. Then I heard this unfamiliar noise. I had just fed the cats and I knew they had eaten. When I went around the corner by the tv, one of the cats was gagging. I panicked! But then I stayed calm. And the cat started vomiting the stuff it already ate. I called my client and she said, "Oh its normal. He's just finicky. Just get tuna next time". I waited an hour or two to clean it up because the sight of it made me sick. er

I thought I could handle a lot of things, but not cats vomiting or coughing up hairballs. I don't mind them but at the end of the day, I'd better not be around them. I'm not going to be cruel to them or anything, but they're staying outside. I had a friend who cat tore up her furniture while we were in the house. And it was a nice sofa too. All she did was squirt it with a water gun. Seriously? I guess. Its her furniture.

I'm not feeding those cats either. As far as I'm concerned, they can eat the squirrels or whatever they can catch. Outside.

Friday, January 18, 2013

the 2nd amendment

Repealing that, would throw the nation in chaos. That's what I think. Another civil war with the government, but I suck at politics so I'm not going to go there. And history repeating itself when the Native Americans surrendered their arms to the Union government and look what happened. They all were placed on reservations or had to relocate across miles and miles of inhospitable land.

That's my brief history lesson for the day.

School is going well as it usually does for me in the beginning of the semester. Mom says I need to get a life already and that I should stop floundering about and just graduate. Its not that easy, Mother.

I'm going back to bed. And shutting my phone off. All this money-whoring is wearing me thin and making me lose patience. I've worked twelve days straight at the restaurant and yes, the money is great, but I'm worn out. Beat. Dead. Tired.

Bedtime! It calls me!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

zombie apocalypse and bread dough

Chelle's upstairs steam cleaning the carpet and I was in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls and bread. I set the timer while I'm typing this down.

So Chelle asked to come over to talk and visit and I said she was welcome anytime. I like her company. I asked her to rent a steam cleaner before she came up and I'd pay her back later. She said it wasn't a problem and that its on her since I'd done her so many favors in the past.

She goes to tell me about the guy she's seeing and that he's a real gamer/geek. And he hardly pays her attention. I asked, "then why are you with him?"

"Because I think I'm falling for him?"
"That doesn't make any sense. You like this guy because he ignores you? That's stupid."
"Yeah I know. But he's gorgeous!"
"So is a Ferrari but you don't see me driving around in it."
"What's your point, Shannon?"
"Maybe you could compromise and you guys do something together. Have you slept with him yet?"
"No. We've been seeing each other for maybe, a week."
"Maybe that's your problem. He's ignoring you because you're not putting out. Guys do that."
"Hmm. I've never thought of it that way. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned and my parents raised me well."
"From all the stuff you've told me before and now, I think you're not ready for a relationship. Be single for a while till you decided what you want. That's what I think."
"You think so?"
"Yeah. And next time he calls, don't answer him. Tell him you're busy at my place. Don't make yourself too available. Make him want you. Hell, make him want you hard!"

We both laughed and we laughed harder how he went on about the 'zombie apocalypse'.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Inappropriate Thoughts

At any given time, I have random thoughts going on in my head.

Like right now, I have a lot going on but I can't quite pin point one of them.

Friday, January 4, 2013


Wow! I haven't blogged since last year!

I passed my classes all of them and I pre-enrolled for the spring semester, but I'm only going to take nine hours. I still work at the small restaurant and the group home is downsizing, so I'm going to have to look for another job. I really like working at the restaurant--friendly staff for the most part, no drama.

I'm really tired. Got home an hour ago. I think I'll take a nice hot soak in the tub! :)