Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Switchblade: Alain

Me: Yeah

Switchblade: I love your ass

Me: My ass is white and so are my legs. They haven't seen the light of day in a while

Switchblade: You know what I mean

Me: I don't think you should get a tan cuz you have nice skin. I love your ass a lot too

Switchblade: Ghost girl?

Me: Whatever. Its good to hear your face crack


Switchblade: BFF aren't supposed to talk dirty man. I LIKE you

Me: I wasn't talking dirty, fucker. You just have a dirty mind as much as me, so we're even

Switchblade: I know but I try not to, but it doesn't work :/

Me: Then why hide it? Give into the pleaureable side of The Force.

Switchblade: Goddammit dude. Fuck. It just frustates me because you aren't here and its a mighty force.

Me: ANTICIPATION...its making US wait

Switchblade: Oh man. Fucker. I want you.

Natural Disaster Disneyland

Last week, I was driving to the safety of my brother's house from the tornado that touched down a few miles on the outskirts of the city and all of a sudden in the zero visibility of the weather, there was a blinding flash of light which I thought was lightning and a loud CRASH.

A power line was toppled over by something and landed on the roof of my car, smashing some of the windshield and making a huge dent on the frame. I panicked and thought I was going to get electrocuted so I gunned the accellerator and got out from under the telephone pole.

Last I heard the death toll was 18 and the week before was 24 when an F5 tornado tore Moore, OK apart.