Friday, June 29, 2012

Out of Breath

I went running around the park early this morning with Christina. She's a health nut, or rather, someone w ho likes to keep in shape.

I couldn't even tell you the last time I ran or jogged. Ever since I quit smoking three years ago, I've been slowly building myself into some sort of physical shape, not seriously though. Since yesterday, Christina thought we should spend some time together so she and Zack took me to Texas Roadhouse last night and I gorged myself in those soft pillowy bread rolls. Had a double serving of veggies and a 12 oz. ribeye steak, four glasses of sweet tea and a bottle of O'Doul's.

I was HUNGRY. Waitressing does that to a body; constantly on the move on my feet. Zack and Christina were surprised that all that  food I had in front of me, disappeared before them.

Soon as I got home last night, Christina calls me and told me to meet her by the front gate of my apartment complex because she had a surprise for me. Uh huh. Her surprise, running around the park. That was the hard part. I couldn't finish a quarter mile.

Woo. Wow. Just thinking about her makes me dizzy.

At work, I have a steady schedule of 10-7 Monday through Thursday which starts in two weeks, although I'd much rather just work weekends where the tips are greater. The best part about it is I don't have to share my tips with the hostesses or the bussers.

OK. Today is my day off so Christina asked me to go with her to Prescott. And tomorrow, we're going on a hike. She has all these spur of the moment plans I can hardly keep up, but I'm enjoying the ride with her! <3

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pleasant Distractions

1) Christina. I don't know what to think about her. I mean, we flirt to the guys at work, but in reality, I have to stay grounded because she has a boyfriend and I'm not about to be a home-wrecker. Haha. Me, a home-wrecker. I've never thought of myself as one. I'm too introverted, not daring. That stuff is for other people. I like her a lot. Maybe its from her flirting with me. Just the little hints she drops. Sometimes I just want to say, "Out with it! Tell me what you want!"

2) I saw this grey Shelby Mustang that was on sale on craigslist the other day. I WANT IT. But I can't afford it. So I guess I'll just dream about it.

3) I'm also liking one of the managers at work. Ugh. I know, I'm so fickle. I know for certain that I'm no good in the relationship department, therefore, maybe I'm considering options. Need to keep my mind busy with something. I'm beginning to think that maybe there's a reason why I'm out here in the desert with time on my hands.

4) I like my new phone. I'm barely comprehending all its technological features so the more I stay with it, the less I'm frightened of it. I called Mr. Mean in Oklahoma. He asked me what I wanted. I said, "I want to talk to somebody." He just said, "Call me when I'm awake" and hung up.

What the hell? How am I suppose to know when he's awake? I'm going to bother him again tonight, same time, same Bat-channel. :)

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dr. No

That's the nickname I have at work.

Granted, I'm not even a doctor, but people assume that since I'm Asian, I'm automatically assume that I'm stereotypically brilliant and have a high dollar profession. Whatever. My niece says "You're one of those people who are so smart that they're lacking in people skills". Yep. Sounds like me.

This patient wanted to go outside and get some air on the patio so she asked another staff member. The staff said to wait a minute so she could ask me. The patient then said, "Don't ask him. He's mean. He always says no."  Since then, I've been called "Dr. No."

I love my job...even though there are times where I want to quit the business of bouncing people and do something else. Patients frequently compliment us for being "nice people". My take on it is that we're all nice, till we say "No".

So a patient will say that "You guys are so nice and professional here", but whenever we say "No, you can't have that in your room", they automatically say that we're rude and mean to them and they list a pile of complaints against us and we get let go. Like say Johnny is president of McDonals and he wants to go smoke a cigarette. I tell Johnny "Sorry sir, this is a nonsmoking facility and you're basicall SOL".  So Johnny files a complaint against me saying I'm rude to him? Since when? I just told him he couldn't smoke on the unit but he goes and tells the next higher up to let him smoke.

Whatever. So my sentiments at this moment is what the bottom card is saying...

Technophobe no more

I HAD to get a cellphone because being in a new location miles away from family, well it became a necessity. Back when I lived in Pensacola, I knew all the people I needed to be in my life so I really didn't need a cellphone. I felt trapped by it. Leashed. If people wanted to get hold of me, they left messages on my land line and I got back to them when I got home as my routine was that friends knew I was never home.

Money whoring myself and all that. :)

So now that I'm in Arizona, I've had to get a cellphone. To keep in touch with my parents and the job requires it. I mostly get calls from work. And every now and then, Mom and Dad call to see how I'm doing and if I need money. I told them that the only pain in the ass is that everything is spread out unlike in Pensacola. But then again, I have to get used to my new surroundings.

I got the htc EVO Shift which has a keyboard and a touch screen. Wooo. For a technophobe like me, this is horror! I'm not a true technophobe, but trying to wrap my head around this gadget makes my head dizzy. The saleswoman when she was describing it for me ASSUMING that I was into all the new apps and stuff, lost me in a labyrinth of word salad. One thing I do like, is youtube.

I can actually see all the videos to songs that I've loved in the past! This one by Patty Smyth, "Hands Tied". I know its an old eighties song, but I still love it! Made me think of Jen for a minute but then again...I've moved on past her. The lyrics ring true inside me.

There is a girl that has caught my eye. Her name is Christina and even though she has a boyfriend, she and I talk/flirt at work. We kind of give the cooks something to talk about. One time I heard Jose say, "Man, what I would give to spend a night with those two blondes".  Christina and I just winked at him. I don't know what I would do if I were with a guy. The last one was Mark in Pensacola and he turned out to be clingy and needy. Too much for me. I like to be independent and have my identity instead of being lashed on to the relationship.

Christina, she's an enigma to me. I like that. A lot. :p

Saturday, June 23, 2012

What Not to put in a Resume

I go in for my interview at Buffalo Wild Wings on Monday! I'm excited! I was actually looking for work at the Green Room restaurant, but I haven't heard back from them.

So yes, I'm looking forward to working at last. I was thinking that I can make a lot of tips here--I'm hoping for the best. Just a summer income to get me by as I don't know when Cynthia and her husband will be back. The last email I got from them was a week ago saying that they had business to do in Sri Lanka and that they won't be back til December or so.

Its fine by me. I'm actually on my own out here in the West. Arizona. I never thought I'd be actually out here in the wild West. In the mean time, I've been updating my resume and all that stuff I learned about writing resumes with "Objective" and info about myself, well, according to some resume builders, that that's irrelevant stuff to put in my resume.

I've compiled a small list here--I'll use this entry to reference since I'm here at the library typing this out. Can't get Internet where I live because signals don't reach out into the forestland.

1) Don't list an objective
2) Don't put down high school stuff
3) Don't list your accomplishments
4) Don't post languages fluent in
5) Bulleted list  preferable
6) Don't put too much personal info

... I'll add to this when I get the draft Mindy did. I asked her if she could write mine up. I know it needs a lot of work before I send it out.  I also need to know how to write a cover letter. I've never had to write one up before, so I guess there's a first time for everything.


Somebody I used to know

I absolutely HATE people who are cruel to animals.

And I don't care what gender the perp is. An incident happened this week which I can't divulge much detail, but it concerned somebody I used to know. I didn't think she would stoop so low, but in her defense, she said, "I couldn't find the cats a home".

I figure if you have a pet, you'd want something to care for and nurture, or maybe you're lonely and need some companionship. If you've raised a pet from the time it was a few weeks old to a year, then you've formed some attachment to it. But, this person that I used to love, didn't take the time to find her cats a home but instead, dumped them off in a parking lot to fend for themselves.

I was walking to my car one evening and out of nowhere, this long-haired black cat comes brushing around my legs. I stopped in my tracks as I'm not particularly fond of cats and something caught my attention. The cat, looking up, purred at me like if it knew me. I bent down to pick it up which it let me and to my surprise, I knew it was one of the cats I raised when I was in a relationship with the girl I used to know.

I picked the cat up and gave it a good hug in all of its smelly glory--it never used to smell when I was in the relationship with girl I used to know, and it purred constantly like it missed me. In an instant, a nuclear bomb went off in my brain and I was completely LIVID.

So in my frustration, I made a post about it on facebook knowing full well that my coworkers were mutual friends of the girl I used to love. They complained to me as well as the girl I used to know. She got hell for the animals on the parking lot but not by me as other coworkers saw her drop the animals off. I was scolded as coworkers told me that my words hurt them. I deleted the original post but put another one with less venom in its place.

I was angry.

How could anyone who got the kittens when they were but three weeks old, raised them to adulthood, then just dump them off in a parking lot without ensuring their safety? Normally, I could care less but at one time, the cats and I had a connection.

Maybe I've gone soft in my older age and beginning to develop a conscience for the first time in my long life. Maybe the feminine side is taking over. I don't know. I just know that the girl I used to care about has become somebody I used to know.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


In an impulsive act, I ordered the Insanity! workout series.

Just did the Fitness Test which is the first dvd of ten. Yep. I'm asking for an early death as I'm completely drenched in sweat. Tomorrow will be worse.



Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Everything's So New!

I've been very busy the earlier part of the month; beating feet on pavement does that to a woman on a mission. A restless woman, as a matter-of-fact.

I need to stay busy so I won't have time to think of Jen. That bitch still keeps invading my brain. I can now say that with a certainty as I look and reflect on my past relationship with her. I try not to think about her at all. Keep my mind busy.

Stuff like that.

An opportunity opens up for me: I met a girl at the newspaper office as I was looking at the want ads section on the wall. Her name is Mindy and we've connected the first time we talked to each other. Its like, we just couldn't shut up about how we came from the East coast to the West. She's from Buffalo, New York.

Anyway, we've been hanging out, sort of. I meet her in town and we go off from there. We went for a drive down to the Biosphere which is a ways down past Tucson. From Flagstaff to Tucson. Spent the night there too. I don't know about you, but I'm beginning to fall in love with the desert! I love the Catalina Mountains and I've talked to Mindy about wanting to hike it sometime.

She's not a very outdoors going person so I have to encourage her a little.

So this post is about my encounters with a different environment. From Florida to Arizona...change of surroundings. I think I'm adapting well. Haven't gotten a job yet, but this is the start of a new week!