Friday, April 20, 2012

Blogs and Egg Sandwiches

This is a rather old laptop and its gone through a lot of crap. The most recent was the battery burnt out cuz I left it plugged in 24/10. For all intents and purposes, this laptop has no battery so I keep it plugged into the wall 24/10.

I was going through all my friends' blogs and even my old ones from xanga that I still remember. I know cuz I had a rather unique name: crackbabyjezus. I like the fact that google has archived everything for quicker searches.

Other key words I can find my blogs would be: shituation, arsegoblin, mayhemgolgotha, morally corrupted, spiderwitch, witchblaze (my ex, Angela tagged me under her screen name).As far as avatars go, I usually have the evil toasterface or the black and white MS Paint rendering of myself, arsegoblin.

I first saw that word on way back in 2002 on the Random Thoughts message board. I know its from 2002 cuz I screen capped it and the time stamps was from that year. Someone had actually coined it as two separate words, but I went a step further and just made it all one word. Now I'm eating an egg sandwich, slightly burned cuz I was blogging and cooking at the same time which is a bad combination.

Had to turn on the stove fan to keep the smoke from rising to the fire alarm.


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