Thursday, April 12, 2012

Road trip!

I got a call from an ex roommate of mine and Cynthia's getting married in three months. In the realm of close friends, she ranks as my sister. Not biologically, but you get the point. She broke the news of her wedding and I'm happy for her because for a long time, I figured she'd be a man hater the rest of her life.

So anyway, as I was listening to details, Cynthia seemed so excited but didn't drop a clue as to inviting me. I then asked why. She said, "I didn't think you wanted to come seeing how you hate weddings and all." I replied, "I don't like crowds and I have social anxiety to a tee, but I'm down for your wedding".
"Good. I knew you'd say that because out of all my friends, I trust you unconditionally. If we were in a different lifetime, you are my little sister, babyface!"

I hate it when she calls me that. GRRR.

Then she said, "How about you come out here for a couple months and house sit?"



"Yeah. Its just Derek and I and we're driving to Pennsylvania for the honeymoon."

"But I don't have a car. My van broke down and kicked the bucket so now I'm without wheels. And a job."
"That is a problem. How about I fly you out to Flagstaff and you just move out here and house sit. Get our mail. Mow the yard and all that. Then you can get a job and pay me back. We're renovating the basement into a room and it has a bathroom down there too."

"Wow! Really?"

"Consider it payback for helping me with calculus and chem. Time to return the favor."

"Sweet! But I gotta go ask Mom and Dad. They were wanting me back home as soon as the semester was overT. They got rid of two hands so they're short on help."

"Not a problem. Tell them I love them too. We'll be leaving next month. Give me your answer before then so we can make arrangements. Bye babyface. I love you!"

Wow. What just happened...

I gotta do this road trip. Never been to Arizona and I've always wanted to see the Grand Canyon and that big crater in the desert. I'll ask moneywhore what its like. Thinking about it makes me excited!!

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