Thursday, June 28, 2012

Pleasant Distractions

1) Christina. I don't know what to think about her. I mean, we flirt to the guys at work, but in reality, I have to stay grounded because she has a boyfriend and I'm not about to be a home-wrecker. Haha. Me, a home-wrecker. I've never thought of myself as one. I'm too introverted, not daring. That stuff is for other people. I like her a lot. Maybe its from her flirting with me. Just the little hints she drops. Sometimes I just want to say, "Out with it! Tell me what you want!"

2) I saw this grey Shelby Mustang that was on sale on craigslist the other day. I WANT IT. But I can't afford it. So I guess I'll just dream about it.

3) I'm also liking one of the managers at work. Ugh. I know, I'm so fickle. I know for certain that I'm no good in the relationship department, therefore, maybe I'm considering options. Need to keep my mind busy with something. I'm beginning to think that maybe there's a reason why I'm out here in the desert with time on my hands.

4) I like my new phone. I'm barely comprehending all its technological features so the more I stay with it, the less I'm frightened of it. I called Mr. Mean in Oklahoma. He asked me what I wanted. I said, "I want to talk to somebody." He just said, "Call me when I'm awake" and hung up.

What the hell? How am I suppose to know when he's awake? I'm going to bother him again tonight, same time, same Bat-channel. :)

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