Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Dr. No

That's the nickname I have at work.

Granted, I'm not even a doctor, but people assume that since I'm Asian, I'm automatically assume that I'm stereotypically brilliant and have a high dollar profession. Whatever. My niece says "You're one of those people who are so smart that they're lacking in people skills". Yep. Sounds like me.

This patient wanted to go outside and get some air on the patio so she asked another staff member. The staff said to wait a minute so she could ask me. The patient then said, "Don't ask him. He's mean. He always says no."  Since then, I've been called "Dr. No."

I love my job...even though there are times where I want to quit the business of bouncing people and do something else. Patients frequently compliment us for being "nice people". My take on it is that we're all nice, till we say "No".

So a patient will say that "You guys are so nice and professional here", but whenever we say "No, you can't have that in your room", they automatically say that we're rude and mean to them and they list a pile of complaints against us and we get let go. Like say Johnny is president of McDonals and he wants to go smoke a cigarette. I tell Johnny "Sorry sir, this is a nonsmoking facility and you're basicall SOL".  So Johnny files a complaint against me saying I'm rude to him? Since when? I just told him he couldn't smoke on the unit but he goes and tells the next higher up to let him smoke.

Whatever. So my sentiments at this moment is what the bottom card is saying...

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