Saturday, June 23, 2012

Somebody I used to know

I absolutely HATE people who are cruel to animals.

And I don't care what gender the perp is. An incident happened this week which I can't divulge much detail, but it concerned somebody I used to know. I didn't think she would stoop so low, but in her defense, she said, "I couldn't find the cats a home".

I figure if you have a pet, you'd want something to care for and nurture, or maybe you're lonely and need some companionship. If you've raised a pet from the time it was a few weeks old to a year, then you've formed some attachment to it. But, this person that I used to love, didn't take the time to find her cats a home but instead, dumped them off in a parking lot to fend for themselves.

I was walking to my car one evening and out of nowhere, this long-haired black cat comes brushing around my legs. I stopped in my tracks as I'm not particularly fond of cats and something caught my attention. The cat, looking up, purred at me like if it knew me. I bent down to pick it up which it let me and to my surprise, I knew it was one of the cats I raised when I was in a relationship with the girl I used to know.

I picked the cat up and gave it a good hug in all of its smelly glory--it never used to smell when I was in the relationship with girl I used to know, and it purred constantly like it missed me. In an instant, a nuclear bomb went off in my brain and I was completely LIVID.

So in my frustration, I made a post about it on facebook knowing full well that my coworkers were mutual friends of the girl I used to love. They complained to me as well as the girl I used to know. She got hell for the animals on the parking lot but not by me as other coworkers saw her drop the animals off. I was scolded as coworkers told me that my words hurt them. I deleted the original post but put another one with less venom in its place.

I was angry.

How could anyone who got the kittens when they were but three weeks old, raised them to adulthood, then just dump them off in a parking lot without ensuring their safety? Normally, I could care less but at one time, the cats and I had a connection.

Maybe I've gone soft in my older age and beginning to develop a conscience for the first time in my long life. Maybe the feminine side is taking over. I don't know. I just know that the girl I used to care about has become somebody I used to know.

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Shannon said...

That's awful. As much as my cats are retarded, I wouldn't dream of leaving them alone and hopeless just anywhere. Poor kitties.