Sunday, January 13, 2013

zombie apocalypse and bread dough

Chelle's upstairs steam cleaning the carpet and I was in the kitchen making cinnamon rolls and bread. I set the timer while I'm typing this down.

So Chelle asked to come over to talk and visit and I said she was welcome anytime. I like her company. I asked her to rent a steam cleaner before she came up and I'd pay her back later. She said it wasn't a problem and that its on her since I'd done her so many favors in the past.

She goes to tell me about the guy she's seeing and that he's a real gamer/geek. And he hardly pays her attention. I asked, "then why are you with him?"

"Because I think I'm falling for him?"
"That doesn't make any sense. You like this guy because he ignores you? That's stupid."
"Yeah I know. But he's gorgeous!"
"So is a Ferrari but you don't see me driving around in it."
"What's your point, Shannon?"
"Maybe you could compromise and you guys do something together. Have you slept with him yet?"
"No. We've been seeing each other for maybe, a week."
"Maybe that's your problem. He's ignoring you because you're not putting out. Guys do that."
"Hmm. I've never thought of it that way. Maybe I'm just old-fashioned and my parents raised me well."
"From all the stuff you've told me before and now, I think you're not ready for a relationship. Be single for a while till you decided what you want. That's what I think."
"You think so?"
"Yeah. And next time he calls, don't answer him. Tell him you're busy at my place. Don't make yourself too available. Make him want you. Hell, make him want you hard!"

We both laughed and we laughed harder how he went on about the 'zombie apocalypse'.

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