Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Currently unmotivated aInt the moment.

My butt's dragging. Last Sunday, I disagreed with the head waitstaff and I stayed mad. She pissed me off! I tried to stay calm even during the evening rush but the more I thought about the problem, my attitude towards the problem got worse.

Then when Tasha asked me if I was OK because I had this way about me that she could feel even when I was across the room as she was waiting on her customers, I didn't answer her. She asked again, and I finally said, "Nothing. I'm not well at all".

I took one last sip of my drink and walked to the manager's office and told Marcus that my house alarm is going off and I needed to go to check it out. It wasn't actually, but I decided to remove myself from the situation that was bothering me and thus, preventing further chaos for myself and others.

I normally don't let stuff get to me and shake it off, but the head waitstaff--I won't name her because she'll just conjure up bad vibes and make me mad all over again, was rude and offensive. I wanted to punch her in the face...but I didn't. I calmly told management that I needed to check my house and clocked out.

I didn't even go in to work Monday. Actually, I had forgotten that I was on the schedule for Monday. Too stressed. Instead, I spent the day with Chelle and Lisa in Phoenix, doing this indoor rock-climbing thing. I definitely need to lose about ten pounds! I spent the night at Chelle's and when I woke up the next morning, she had made some waffles, bacon and eggs and was brewing up coffee. She greeted me warmly.

"And how're you doing this fine Tuesday morning?"
"Tuesday? Its Wednesday."
"Nope, Tuesday. Yesterday was Monday and Tuesday comes after Monday."
"I know that smart ass. I thought it was Wednesday!"
"You need to go back to sleep. But here, I made some coffee. It'll make you come to your senses."
"Oh my God. I totally missed work yesterday! Shit! Shit! Shit!"
"Wow, Shan. Maybe you can call them and explain everything and that you didn't know."
"My first no call, no show. Crap. I'll have to talk to Marcus or Chad."
"Just call them or go there later. You're a hard worker. I'm sure they'll understand."

I didn't tell her but we both know that in any job, a no call-no show is grounds for termination. I've never done this before. I actually forgot I had to work! Eeeep!

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