Friday, January 18, 2013

the 2nd amendment

Repealing that, would throw the nation in chaos. That's what I think. Another civil war with the government, but I suck at politics so I'm not going to go there. And history repeating itself when the Native Americans surrendered their arms to the Union government and look what happened. They all were placed on reservations or had to relocate across miles and miles of inhospitable land.

That's my brief history lesson for the day.

School is going well as it usually does for me in the beginning of the semester. Mom says I need to get a life already and that I should stop floundering about and just graduate. Its not that easy, Mother.

I'm going back to bed. And shutting my phone off. All this money-whoring is wearing me thin and making me lose patience. I've worked twelve days straight at the restaurant and yes, the money is great, but I'm worn out. Beat. Dead. Tired.

Bedtime! It calls me!

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daniela said...

Working as much as you do would probably wear me out too.