Friday, October 19, 2012

Hey Pretty!

I was walking down to get the mail which is at least a mile or so from the mailbox and I saw this girl in a striped t-shirt and daisy dukes with sneakers, walking her big black dog. We almost ran into each other if it hadn't been for the dog dragging her along! This is the conversation when I met Annie.

Me: "Hi, you live around here? I didn't know there were other people on this road."
Her: "No, I'm visiting my Dad. He lives in that old brick house when you come around the second corner."
Me: "Wow. I didn't know there was someone living in it. It looks so run down and always dark."
Her: "I know, right? My Dad, he's away a lot so I live with my Mom in town."
Me: "Mind if I ask what your Dad does?"
Her: "He's in the military Special Ops something. He doesn't say much about what he does and I stopped asking."
Me: "Wow. Aren't you cold? I'm freezing even though the sun is out."
Her: "No, not a bit. Its perfect weather for me. Feels great!"
Me: "By the way, I'm Shannon."
Her: "Annie. Pleased to meet you."
Me: "I live up a mile. I'm house-sitting for friends."
Her: "Cool! Aren't you scared living by yourself out here?"
Me: "Why should I? God watches over me and so do my steel angels."
Her: "Steel angels?"
Me: "You'll have to meet them sometime. Wanna come over tonight for dinner? I don't see too many people out here. I promise I won't bite."
Her: "Can I bring my Mom? I don't want her to worry."
Me: "Sure! I make a mean meat loaf and potatoes."
Her: "Awesome! Its a date then!"

We must have talked for over an hour. She got a text from her Mom that she was going into work early so she's just going to come with Macky, her German Sheppard I saw earlier in the day. There wasn't a speck of any other color besides black on his coat. I've never seen such a big black dog! Annie said that her father asked her to take care of him till he gets back, which could be any day. Annie's a year younger than me, with shoulder-length natural brown hair, athletic build; she said she was on the softball team at NAU. She was curious what I meant about steel angels and asked me if I was a welder or architect and if they were sculptures. I laughed a little bit and said she'll just have to see for herself. She's a cutie!

I met a new friend! I thought of this song which describes me thinking about Annie. "Hey Pretty" by Poe.

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