Saturday, February 9, 2013

Bills! Bills! Bills!

I shouldn't be in debt, but I'm getting myself out of my financial hole that I dug myself in.

My Pell Grant didn't come in last semester so I had to pay my tuition (of which I'm still paying as of this entry), and this semester's bill as well. I'm still at the place in the middle-of-nowhere desert, which is great as if I was at my own place in town, I'd be so broke!

Let's see...tuition from last semester and the current one; payment on the Jeep for getting the transmission worked on; gas money for aforementioned GAS HOG; and other than making payments on books for this semester, I'm basically running on empty in the financial department. Plus, I have to ask a cash advance every couple of weeks on getting food to eat...groceries.

Most of the time I just bring home food from the restaurant and I had to cut my hours working at the group home. Being a starving student sucks major, but my grades are up and steady and that's all I care about for now. Got an email from Cynthia saying that they're planning to sell the house at the end of August and asked that I get boxes to pack their stuff and put them in storage. THE ENTIRE HOUSE.

A dilemma in the oncoming months.

When it rains, it pours!

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