Saturday, December 1, 2012

My Resume

I was updating my resume last night and I was thinking I have the crappiest work history, having two dozen jobs within this year alone. Unless, I think of the different people I've picked up day jobs from ads on craigslist as ONE employer, then no. And that cuts it down to four actual jobs I've had all together.

Its easy money for me to pick up day jobs on craigslist. When I find a job that seems suitable, I answer the ad. Then I send an email to the address listed inquiring about the job. Then if it sounds legit, then I google the address and if its in a bad neighborhood, I reply and turn it down. But if its in a decent area, I search even more about the area of town I'm going to be driving, driving directions, landmarks, grocery stores, major intersections. And then I contact the person.

After we exchange phone numbers, I try to pay attention to their tone of voice, background noise, whether there's nervousness in the way they sound, stuff like that. Sometimes I call Mindy or Chelle since they've been living here longer than me and I ask them about the neighborhood or part of town the job is in.

I was thinking of buying a taser because I don't trust the can of mace on my key chain. Or invest in a machete. Who knows, I might need it for protection or something. I do remember...wait, YES! There's a machete in the attic. I was nosing around up there one day when I first moved in, and there was this big heavy one up in the corner by the the attic window, just propped against the wall.

Scratch buying one. I just need a knife sharpener.

I'll ask Chelle or Mindy if they want to go shopping in Phoenix on Monday, my one day off. :)

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