Friday, November 30, 2012

My Feet Hurt!

Yes, my feet hurt like a throbbing pain on the bottom of my heels!

I think maybe its due to me being on them ALL THE TIME. Or maybe its just my brain in overdrive making me think that. Whatever. Work at the group home is stressful now that there's a patient who seems to get into trouble with the other residents. Blah blah blah. And working at the restaurant, seems I can never sit down for more than ten minutes to enjoy a nice cold Coke.

The other waitresses say I need to get a life and that I need to "socialize and go out". At this point in life, I'm just working for the Money God so he can give me what I want. And that...I haven't quite figured out yet! But no, I broke it off with Annie, rather, it was mutual. She has to take care of her mother and I have school and work.

But my feet hurt! I wear my Sketchers to both work places but they still ache whenever I come home around midnight. Granted, I work three nights a week at the restaurant and four days at the group home. Well, the group home isn't so bad. And I love working with the day staff; the night shift are an asinine bunch, but I guess they have to be.

I think I might schedule myself for a massage a spa treatment next week. Sounds like a plan!

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