Thursday, November 8, 2012

Too Many to Count

That's what I told Chelle when she asked me how many jobs I've had in the last year. Almost all of them were temp jobs from agencies I've worked with, but I can count at least two dozen that I worked for a few hours and got paid for them through craigslist.

She said, "Isn't that dangerous? I mean, do you know any of those people that you got daily pay from?"
Me: "No, not at all. I try to do a little research on the addresses and where the neighborhood is and if its a creepy neighborhood, then I totally avoid it and scratch it off my list. Sometimes the day jobs are in places where I've met an acquaintance there or I've had friends who have had dealings with that person or company, but yes, I research the place where I'm going to be doing a job for. Sometimes, if I'm in the neighborhood, I'll just stop by and check what the job is abou!t."
She: "Wow! You've got some cajones there! I could never do that."

So currently I'm a server for a small restaurant and to 'get my feet wet', I also work part time in a girls group home. I was thinking of becoming a counselor for a family practice thing. I had this bright idea to be one since Rafi's little niece seems to think highly of me. I don't know why. I just talk and listen to the kid and hang out with her like a Big Sister. The kid is in her teens like 15 and was asking me about boys and the conversation shifted to careers. I told her I haven't decided on what I want to be when I grow up. The girl said she wants to be a policewoman.

I'm waiting for my clothes to dry so I can be off for the restaurant. Fun times.

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