Monday, November 12, 2012

Kids These Days

Alain and I share this blog, but he hardly ever posts. And when I ask why, he says "Life interrupts". Mmhmm. Likely excuse. :)

So much drama at the restaurant. There are these two kids, young lovers, barely out of their teens and they constantly bicker that I'm about to tell them to grow up or get a room or don't bring your problems to work! Drives me nuts and its a constant back-and-forth thing. The girl is really insecure, but she's not dating the guy. I mean, they USED to be lovers, USED to live together, but they're not anymore yet they act and behave like they're still together.

Girl: "Are you mad at me?"
Guy: "No. I don't date around like you do."
Girl: "But we're not together."
Guy: [shuts up, doesn't talk]
Girl: "You are mad at me."

Back and forth and every time I work with them. I was telling Alain this and he told me over the phone, "Sounds like the girl is insecure. Never dip your pen in company ink. Meh. I don't care about kids these days. They'retards."

Hahahaha!! I asked Mr. Toasterface he should come out here and visit me and we could catch up on life. I miss you, you crazy old fart! <3

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