Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Weight Watching

Annie and I were at Wal-mart last night.

I called her right after I got off my long shift--10 hours, and I asked what she for breakfast and that I would pick her up if she met me in town. She had her mom drive her on her way to work. I picked her up at her favorite book store.

As we entered Wal-mart, my senses were blasted with images of mass consumerism. I haven't been in a Wal-mart store in about a year and I'd forgotten how much I hated being in one. Most of the time, I go shopping at the local grocery store or if I need ammo, I'll go down to this gunsmith friend of my father's and he'll have fresh reloads ready whenever I come down to Phoenix to pick them up.

I headed straight for the produce section and picked out a bag of Russet potatoes, grapefruit and then to the bread section. I also bought two pounds of pork steak which I'm going to marinade and put on the grill later tonight. I'm off today from both jobs and I'm still ahead on my school work! Amazing, isn't it? :)

I bought some other things including spices, coffee and filled our shopping cart with four cases of bottled water. I probably won't go through them in a month, but I've been stocking up on water. I saw on a CNN documentary...or was it a History Channel show that water in the world is drying up. Dad even asked if I was prepared for winter and that's one of the first things he went on about, "Get some water!" OK Dad.

As we were leaving the store, I was making a mental image of how almost everything people eat nowadays is either made of sugar or salt. I'm a naturalist so I prefer all the food I consume to be in a non-sugary, non-preservative laden state. I almost became sickened as I was checking our groceries out, and along the way out, there were even more products like gum and soda to bombard me with impulse buying.

Since Annie has been staying with me, she reminds me of the things we should eat and drags me out of bed every morning to run. Its not even a marathon, but I make it out to be one, running from the mailbox and back up the gravel road. I love Annie but running isn't my thing. I mean, I COULD stand to lose a couple of pounds, but not THAT much. I tell her, "I'm building up my fat storage for winter." :)

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