Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Perfect Morning

Living alone in the middle of nowhere desert is almost a luxury that most people want. Me, I'm doing it because I'm house-sitting for friends. Its a nice place with nothing spectacular to it, almost looks like a rental house a vacationer would see online, but everything about it is ordinary. Cozy, is what I'd call it. A two bedroom upstairs with a bathroom in the master and one in the hall with a tub, no shower.

If I want a shower, I'd have to go downstairs. Whenever I come home from work, a hot bath is usually all I need to go to straight to bed. Maybe a warm body if she's available. The master bedroom is locked and is the only room in the house that is off limits. Understandable.

I was home yesterday but I had to finish up some school work and a strange feeling crept over me. I gave in to my primal urges and went outside, naked. Just sat out on the lawn chair for a minute. I think I maybe had a hot flash and needed to cool off. Wasn't too cold, in the mid-sixties and sunny. I pulled the reclining lawn chair to the side of the house where it was warmer, had my favorite sunglasses and laid there. Nothing on, but sunglasses.

Then I got a cold skin chill and went back inside the house. I didn't put any clothes on, but spent most of the day doing housework in the nude. It feels good not to wear any clothes sometimes. I had the radio blasting upstairs in my room and I thought about calling Annie for a little get together, but I declined the attempt. I just spent the day by myself.

A perfect day to relax. :)

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