Friday, November 2, 2012


Most of the time, I don't remember my dreams except the one last night or rather, early morning.

I was riding on Speckle, one of the two Arabian horses back home, but in my dream, I was riding naked. At first I felt embarrassed but when the wind touched my body, it felt great! Anyway, we came to this canyon in around midday and the sun seemed to retreat behind these clouds. I heard my name being whispered and I couldn't tell at first because the sound was bouncing off the canyon's borders.

Speckle stopped at this little grassy patch next to a stream. There were still clouds in the sky, but the atmosphere grew ominously dark. There was this little girl talking and laughing to herself. By this time, I had forgotten I was naked but the little girl didn't seem to mind. She started talking to me about the clouds. I looked up for a minute and back to her face.

The little girl's eyes were red, dark red and she said, "Forget about the girl".

Then Annie woke me up with a call from Christina, who was moving to Prescott. Annie asked who was Christina. I told her she's sort of a drama queen and I don't talk much to her. I took my cellphone from Annie and Chris wanted me to help her move because she had a new job that paid more than waitressing at Buffalo Wild Wings. And something else about sick family.

I was hoping I'd get to spend my day off in bed. Sleeping. But nooo.Chris said she'd pay me $50 in gas and treat me for dinner. She also said she'll tell me more about her job. Sure. I'll be off for her place in an hour. I'll have to take Annie back to her Dad's because I can't just leave her here.

Or maybe she can come and help me move Chris' things.

Options. I have lots of them today.