Saturday, November 3, 2012

A Lazy Saturday

I've noticed that certain phrases or words are underlined in my blog posts and when I hover over them, it leads to another site. WTF? I should check the Blogger settings.

In other news, I have all weekend off!! WOO HOO!!

Mindy, Chelle, and Annie are over and we're thinking of going down to the Salt River for sun, fun and a soak in the water. I haven't been out with a group of people in a long time.

Currently listening to Katy Perry. This tune makes me smile! Annie and I blossomed this past week and I feel like in total bliss with her. I don't know if its love but I can't stop thinking about her when she's not with me. I'm not entirely into girls, but for now, it seems I so head over heels for Annie. Maybe the novelty of this new romance will wear off in a few months, I give it that but for right now, I'm totally enjoying Annie's company.

Chelle and Mindy, they're straight and when I told them I was with Annie, they're cool with it. I didn't get any weird looks from them and they asked if I've turned to the lesbian side. I said I haven't, but Annie is my girlfriend at the moment and that's whom I'm with. Chelle and Mindy aren't looking for anyone, not yet maybe. They both just broke up with their boyfriends recently and we all decided to make it an all-girls weekend!

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