Thursday, August 9, 2012

Facebook and stuff

I refuse to have a facebook account.

Rafi, Christina and my other friends asked me if I have one and they frowned on me when I said I didn't. All of them except Rafi. She likes it that I don't as she doesn't have one herself. She says "I like to remain anonymous. I know I'll eventually turn up on someone's shit list, so I don't care to have one." I've never really thought of it that way...being stalked on the Internet.

I've heard all the stories that its easy to find someone online, even their income and where they've lived. Wow. I figure if someone wanted to find me bad enough, they'll come up my doorstep where they'll be greeted with a 12 gauge shotgun. Yes, I'm still house-sitting and my employers said if I needed firearms in the house to protect myself, "Then, by all means!"

The shotgun, is a Charles Daley field tactical shotgun which I use for home defense, like this one I googled on the net. Can't be too careful nowadays.

I also have the .22, the Sig .380 and the Springfield 9mm in the bedroom. I don't think I'm going overboard, but a single girl alone in a house in the middle of nowhere Northern Arizona desert...yep. I thought of naming my firearms after classic movie stars of the silent screen or actors of the 50s and 60s. Henry Fonda for the Sig, John Wayne for the shotgun, Clint Eastwood for the 9mm and Betty White for my Walther P22.

I sometimes like to walk around only in my bra and underwear because the temperature is so delightful! And clothes, they just cling to my skin. I'm really enjoying the temperate weather here, so clothes are an option especially at night. I just sit out on the upstairs deck on this cheap reclining lawn chair that I bought at Walmart, nude, just enjoying the silence. I turn off all the lights and think about my life before moving out here.

And so far, I think I've done good for myself. It would be nice to have someone who doesn't play head games or is attached to someone else. Maybe I'm just an old fashioned romantic and I want someone for me.

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