Wednesday, August 29, 2012

All Good Things

I quit my job as a server at Bitchass Workplace last week.

Not too worried about it as I got another job within two days. I had to leave that place. People there were toxic. Even my relationship or what was left of it with Christina, had deteriorated: She and I had somewhat of a falling out. Long story.

And I don't know...I think I juerst got tired of too many schedule changes. One day I would have the days that I wanted, but then I'd get penciled out or get moved to a shift where it would conflict with my classes. GRR!!

So at this new job, still in the restaurant profession--I like talking and meeting people, I start out as the hostess/cashier. I hope they move me up to server because that's where I thrive better. I need to be on the go because if I stay too long in one position, I get bored easily. I like to be on my feet and doing something. And making tips!

I called toasterface because he left a message on my phone...something about using me as a reference. Wow! I've never had that tribute! Someone wanted to use me a reference. I'm the last person anyone would use as I'm not much of a stationary person and as I said before, I'm always on the go. 

My mind is blank at the moment. I'm sort of settling my mind and life down. People aka my former coworkers and their drama. I'm not sure if I want to continue babysitting with Rafi as she's all involved in the workplace drama. I think its time for me to heal, gather my thoughts, get my bearings and do some Shannon time! I don't have time to party and I don't care much about being with social crowds. Maybe I'll just disconnect my phone all-together because its been just ringing constantly. I used to enjoy the days where people would leave messages on my landline if they wanted to reach me. Having a cellphone is like that, but I also get non stop texting. I would rather talk to a person about something important than text. I'm retarded. I think texting is time consuming.

I also like going to the gym now. I've noticed some remarkable features on my body that I never noticed before. My legs have muscles!! That's awesome to me which is why I added an extra exclamation mark at the last sentence. I also see muscles in my fore arms and I think biceps are popping out! I just like being alone and having time to myself. This whole gaggle of so-called "friends" is a bit too much for me.

Maybe I'll just drop out of sight by doing more jobs and being less available to everyone whom I'm supposed to live up to their expectations. RIIIGHT.

I mean, I'm always flexible but if I feel like people are crowding in on me and my personal life, then I get defensive. I'm not a girly girl social butterfly. As soon as I'm done blogging, I'm headed off to the gym where I can focus on me. And then get something to eat and hit the books. Lots of reading to do in "America: Before the Civil War" class. YAY. UGH....

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