Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Labor Day

Its 21:58 here so its STILL Labor Day!

I had a wonderful weekend including today. Nothing special, just hung out with some friends who are visiting me from Pensacola along with my parents. They flew out here to give me a sort of  "house-warming" present: THEMSELVES!

Anyway, I mostly spent the weekend with one on Mom's friends in Glendale, which is almost two hours from Flag. I'm sort of tired and glad to be alone all over again. It was great seeing my parents and friends, but I like being alone.

I don't really have much to post about except school tomorrow from 08:00 to noon then a two hour break and classes till 16:00 and my new job--housekeeping for a big office company. Yep. I went from being a server to helping one of Rafi's friends out at housekeeping. I like it because I get to work by myself and I don't have to wear a uniform. I wear a badge though. And the great part, I get to set my own hours!

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