Saturday, July 28, 2012

Summer's End

Wow. I can't believe summer's almost over and in that three months, I've moved from Florida to Arizona and had some good and bad times. Mostly good.

Joseph's out of my life. Finally!

I figured I've saved at least enough to get me back on track for school. I enrolled at NAU for the fall. And just taking seven hours. I want to see if I can handle working full time with a somewhat intense work load of credit hours. Once again, I changed my major and this time to Pre-Allied Health. Something in the medical field. I'm undecided. Maybe physical therapy. School is something to occupy my time when I'm not working for the money I never see.

Ever since I've been babysitting for Rafi, I haven't had much time to go random job hunting on craigslist. I have, however, been to the gun range in Tempe, AZ, with Christina and her cousin, Tiffany, who is some hot shot marksman. Tiff and I hit it off well when we were introduced as she had the same sort of break up I had, but her ex ended their relationship of three years via facebook. Seriously?

Seems like people are afraid of confrontation when they're breaking up and resort to doing it by email, text messaging, or facebook. Me, I don't care for that cowardice. If you want to end a relationship with me, I'd rather we meet face to face and sort it out later. Usually, I'll have my say-so beforehand.

Anyway, I'll have more to say later. I'm off on another adventure in babysitting!


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