Monday, September 14, 2015

New Line of Work

Not really new line of work, but same field, different duties.

I get to drive around rich kids on their parents/ insurance to their AA/NA meetings, grocery shopping, the gym, get their nails done, and whatever else is in their schedule for the day. Same field, different job duties, is best as I can put it.

Rehab work.

Pays about four dollars more than what I was making at the group home. But yeah, I'm basically a cheuffeur like Sam said. Speaking of whom, IDKWTF is up with her. I'm not even gonna ponder or give it much thought. Tried calling her this morning, but she refused to answer my calls so fuck it. No crying over spilled milk for me. Just gonna concentrate on working and memorizing street names, addresses, and where meeting places are held at the beaches.

I never took a lunch today or even dinner. Barb said to take it whenever I can since we don't have breaks. Yeah well...I like spending my breaks at the beach listening to the waves or watching people play volleyball.

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