Sunday, September 7, 2014


Whenever I get off shift, I'm so ready to clock out, get in my car, kick off my shoes and drive home. Soon as I walk in the door, clothes come off immediately and I head straight for the tub. I turn on the hot water and fill it to half way with no cold water and while waiting for the water to cool, I start cleaning my face, removing make-up, not that I had much on to begin with.

As soon as the water is the temp I can tolerate, I step in feet first and sit on the edge of the tub, just soaking my feet. And after a good hot soak, I lay in bed under my fan, drying off my body. After a good night's sleep, I wake up in the morning to start my day and as soon as my feet hit the floor, BAM!

My plantar fasciitis kicks in waking me up instantaneously where I'm moaning and squealing in my own apartment. I have got to get a new pair of shoes. I can see me assessing myself:

"And how do you rate your pain from on a scale of 1 to 10. Ten being the worse, Sarah."
"Oh probably a 30."

I am desperate. What about the new Sketchers you say? Oh me like an idiot returned them yesterday because I didn't want to be reminded of Ethan. I returned most of his stuff that didn't have any sentimental value to me. So I remember seeing some of the nurses on the ortho floors wearing those spring shoes. Those shoes with a big spring on them. I asked this tech what it felt like and she said they're absolutely relaxing and comfortable. But she also said they're expensive. I bet. She told me they were from Z-Coil. So I checked around on the net and came across the pair I wanted so, impulsively, I ordered the ones I wanted.

Yes I am desperate for pain relief. I don't usually buy things on impulse but I'm at my wits end!

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