Saturday, September 13, 2014

The suicide card

Including me, there are usually three triage nurses and at midnight, I was again sent to the behavioral health Annex. I seem to be getting assigned here more frequently as of late. We have seven pods; you could call the Annex the seventh pod because its the red-headed stepchild of pods and most nurses don't like to come here. Its almost like an island, tucked in the back of the ER. I get a call from the triage nurse.

"Hey Sarah, I'm sending your favorite patient back to you."
"Let me guess, Pseudo-Seizure Larry."
"You got it, babe."
"Did you dress him out?"
"Yep. Just send your tech to pick him up." Ka
"Will do. Thanks."

I send big Kat--he's a really big dude of Samoan heritage, mild-manner goliath. Looks intimidating too and not exactly a pushover. With Kat around, I don't need security. At all. When Big Kat wheels him back to my pod, he starts in immediately.

"Oh its you again."
"The one and only. How's your day?"

Big Kat takes his vitals and changes him into the standard hospital gown.

Larry chimes in being extremely polite. "Is there anyway I can get a dinner?"
I say, "Not at this time of night. I can get you a box lunch if we have any."
"Box lunch?"'
"Yes, you know the routine. Cold ham or turkey sandwich, Grahm crackers and a juice."
"No coffee. Nice try, kiddo."
"How come you're always such a bitch to me?"
"What do you mean? Now let's get started. What is the nature of your complaint?."
"I want to kill myself. And others. And a whole lot of people."

After my completing my nursing assessment, looking over the LMHP and PAT therapist's notes. Then with Kat, I begin the skin assessment. Superficial cuts to the wrists. Double lightning tattoos on the nape of the neck. Then he asks if the doctor will refill his Hydrocodone and Vicodin..

 "You'll have to ask your doctor when you see him in the morning."
"How come you guys never treat my pain?"
"What pain? I thought you're here because you're feeling suicidal. The doctor treats your pain and therapists go over with your treatment plan for mental health issues. Tell him. Let's see, it says that the last few times you were here, you have a history of non-compliance on your discharge instructions so we probably can't do much of anything for you. This isn't my first rodeo."

Med seeker. They ruin it for those who actually need help.

I wonder how it would feels like to be narcississtic. The guy had a good job and a good wife, but he lost them both to his drug addictions. And now he's playing the suicide card. No, one inch cuts breaking the skin on your wrists does not require immediate medical attention.

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Medic2RN said...

Gotta love those frequent flyers .
We've had a few leave: two moved and three died. However, there are always others who fill their shoes.....