Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let me be the one

Ethan really irritates me to the point where I think I will break up with him. Sure he makes loads of money, and buys me fancy things, but that's not what I want. I want someone who will be there for me, hug me, caress me in his arms, whisper sweet nothings to me and do the stuff I want to do. I don't care about going to clubs and noisy places.

I loved it the other day when we went to Stone Mountain and just had a picnic, and then his mother calls him. I've met her once. She's a domineering in-my-face nasty woman. She treats him like dirt and he accepts it. I don't know. She irritates me too. I don't have the tolerance for a lot of people anymore. I called him a mama's boy because he's so sensitive.

I've been with him three months and that's three months too long. I make my own money and pretty good at it yet he insists on getting stuff for me because he's "the man". Last week I wanted to upgrade my phone and we were looking at the phone kiosks at the mall. I found one I liked. I asked the sales clerk about it and the details. He just had to butt in. Its like, I don't have any say so in what I want.

The one thing that really gets on my nerves is when I call him, he doesn't stay on the phone long and says he's busy. I know he has to make money; he's an oilfield sales rep, but I want someone who is emotionally there for me. I don't care about his money, or his passive-agressiveness, or his cranky old mother.

Let me be the one to break off this empty relationship.

I need to straighten myself, put Stone Cold Sarah mode on and get ready for work.

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