Saturday, September 6, 2014

Girls night out

Tonight is my night off and I'm going with two coworkers, both tele RNs, clubbing in downtown Atlanta. I couldn't tell you where because I get lost easily in the big city without my GPS. I've been friends with Karla and Donice since nursing school: we started out as PCTs and even though we weren't really close then, we surely have become now.

I don't know how the conversation was redirected to me but Donice said to me last night in the cafeteria while I was ordering my dinner. She was in the line with me.

Donice: "Hey Stone Cold, why's everybody calling you that?"

Me: "I don't know. I just do my job."

Chantel from med/surge whom I didn't know was behind me, said "That's 'cause she's a bitch" and starts laughing.

I just roll my eyes and say, "Another one of my fans, there."

Chantel: "You guys seen the new survey comments yet? "That tall skinny short-haired nurse in triage was mean to me. I think her name was Sarah. She's so insensitive to my needs! She should be fired". You get grieved again?"

She gets her chocolate donuts and leave. Ew. Donuts.

 I was like, "Really? I remember that guy, it was pseudo-seizure Larry. He came in complaining about chest pains and SOB when I clearly saw him laughing it up with another patient in the lobby. I know 'cause I start entering his info and ordering labs and he goes into his seizure act. And his BP is 102/72. Go figure, right? Then he goes on and on that we don't treat him right every time he comes in. I wanted to say, 'if we don't treat you right and you aren't getting the narcs you want, why do you come in". It was just wanting to come out of my mouth. Oh my god I had to bite my tongue so I wouldn't get in trouble. And I say, "its OK" and he takes that saying I'm sarcastic and condescending to him.

Donice just shakes her head, giggling at her salad.

Girlfriends should be pulling up any time soon. Just got a text Donice asking if I got a leash tight on my man. I think that's going to be the topic of discussion tonight. I'm planning to avoid it if I can. They talked about going bar-hopping too. If that comes up, I'm taking a taxi home. What to do on a Saturday night?

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