Wednesday, June 25, 2014

I miss you so bad

Her words were erratic yesterday, so were her moods. She said she was having bad mood swings and she needed to be on an antidepressant or something. Then I callHed her on the phone and she laid it out to me: "You're so perfect for me in every way, but you can't support or take care of me. I'm becoming selfish and I don't want to be and I miss you so fucking bad. Before, I thought it was all for the kids, but now its all about me and what I want".

Um wow.

I sent a few more texts then I stopped. Her service with T-Mobile sucks. They're not living up to their name. I told her that we're friends first and foremost. She said that she's going to use her in-laws to go to school and make some money for herself. She says she might lose me in the process.

Hmm. Whatever it takes to have a better life for yourself.

I don't know what to say except I'm done.

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