Saturday, December 28, 2013

brain aches and pains

I'm somewhat stressing.

Switchblade is at a job where she hates yet when I tell her to update her resume and start putting applications, she says she has other things to do. LIKE WHAT?!

IF you hate your job that much, look for another one. Simple as that. Just keep looking for one that you might like doing. She's been at her job fourteen years and says she works with a new management team who are just hateful to their staff. If I were her, I'd be gone already cuz I can't put up with ineptness and I'm too opinionated.

Sometimes I think she has a mental block...I really do. Maybe she's afraid she won't find anything else but then again, I look at her demographics:
  • woman
  • over 40
  • single mother
  • GED
That seems like a bleak outlook and I fear for her sanity. I can only encourage and support her, but at the same time, give her ideas on moving on....

I woke up this morning and dreamt I was a world famous pianist. The theater was packed of socialites and the masses waiting for me to play. I walked on the stage with my sulking face, sat down and cracked my knuckles and the first thing that pops in my head, was the tune of Tetris.

Yeah. I play Tetris music.

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