Monday, May 20, 2013


This little pissant pispsqueak kid pissed me the fuck off at work. I was pulling the line up into the trailer and out of nowhere he yells at me as his annoyance was directed to the new unloaders. I yelled at him back, but I caught myself not losing control, so instead, I went and threw the truck. Took me an hour. This other kid said, "I'm not entirely sure about what to do now. Makes me uncomfortable that you did it in record time. One hour."

I really didn't care about my surroundings. Fuck it. I was just angry. I don't need to be yelled like that, especially from a young punk dumb ass. I was still angry so I clocked out and left work. Screw it. I have enough overtime that it wouldn't affect my wages.

When I'm angry, I just have to leave the environment. I clocked out and never went back. Bah!

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