Thursday, December 13, 2012

Street Legal Again!

Hell yeah! I got my license back! After three months of driving around paranoid, I went into the tag agency and got a duplicate license.

Took me three months to get enough money to pay for a ticket that I got in 2010, and then the long waiting on the phone for the Arizona DMV to tell me that my record is cleared, paying them a reinstatement of which the clerk told me to wait another three days for it to update in the database.

Ppfft. I couldn't wait three freaking days so I went in a tag agency on the Expressway and applied for it. The clerk started typing away so I knew I might have one in my grubby hands soon. She then told me to take off my glasses and look at the blue dot. "What blue d--" BAM! She took my picture and all I could see was NOTHING cuz of the flash.

I filled out some paperwork and when we walked out of the tag agency, the first thing I said to Jeni, was "HELL TO THE FUCKING YEAH!!"

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