Sunday, September 16, 2012

"Military Grade"

I always wondered what that meant. Is it different from other types of grades like civilian grade or construction grade? Must be.

My brother recently inherited 500 rounds of shotgun ammo and he called me over to see if I wanted to go to the gun range with him. I wasn't doing anything productive on my day off so why not? After a few rounds, my shoulder was hurting. Then I inserted a Magnum round. NEVER AGAIN. The reason why its called a "Magnum" round is cuz the shell casing has more gunpowder in it, thereby, making the pellets go up to 1600 feet per second! And in the process, high recoil. We arrived home two hours later and he calls me over to his office which he's turned into his home armory.

He shows me a box of  "Military Grade 12 gauge .00 Buckshot".

What's that mean?

Military grade?


Means 9 pellets coming at you at 1200 fps. Its from the military and its sold at Walmart. Just think, the military uses shotguns. Do you think they're shooting deer? No. Military grade means the intruder is bleeding from nine holes. I use these for home defense. I mean, bird shot is great too, but these are better.


My brother shows me his stash and gives a box to me. I have about 900 rounds of shotgun ammo. I don't think I need any more.

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