Sunday, July 1, 2012


I have to go in at 1:00 PM today. Rafi got my number from Christina, saying that she couldn't make her shift . and she needed a relief. Kind of short notice, but I said I'll do it.

I've never been in any serious trouble before or ever in my life. Last night, Christina and two other girls from work, went to this club and no sooner than we'd gotten there, cops start piling in. First they checked drivers' licenses and then asked people where they lived and if they were legal to live in the United S8tates. I'm guessing the police came into the club to bust illegal immigrants. I've never been involved in a raid before, but since we were sitting on the top floor, we could see a group of Latinos walk out the Entrance. Maybe they were caught. I don't know. It all seem like in slow motion.

Lots of cops. People everywhere. I'm getting sleepy. Came home late this morning and its only 9:20 AM. I need sleep!

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