Thursday, May 24, 2012

Fingers McPhee

I went blank for a title. :)

I'm all unpacked from the road trip from Florida to Arizona and I'll have to get use to the climate shock. Its a little cooler here in Flagstaff as compared to Pensacola and I miss the humidity and rain there. Its just for the summer but my opinion will probably change summer's end.

My summer job is house-sitting. How awesome is that? Plus, I get $100 a week for three months...or however they decide to pay me. Either way, my instructions were:

1) Unpack as soon as you get here
2) Check the mail daily
3) Open a bank account ASAP and contact me by email
4) You won't be able to use your cellphone. Signals don't come in clear
5) Make sure Mr. Tubbs and Ariel (their cats) are fed
6) If you run out of cat litter, be sure to get Feline Pine
7) Depending on the weather, the roads get muddy up there
8) If  you get stuck, call the Magdens. They're our neighbors down the way
9) We'll give you an "allowance" to get food and stuff which is why you need an account
10) Our land line works, but its about to get shut off
11) If you have any questions, email me as soon as they come up
12) We're going to be in Thailand for two weeks and then on to Sri Lanka for business as our honeymoon has turned into a working vacation
13) One more thing: DO NOT HAVE COMPANY OVER. We love our privacy and with the exception of the Magdens, we don't trust people. You can shoot our firearms as we have no neighbors for a good 10 miles. Flagstaff is the nearest city so if you go, be sure to stock up before going home.
14) I'm pretty sure you brought your guns and you can lock them up in the safe downstairs. The combination is 85713
15) If you need to use the Jeep, the keys are hanging on the wall by the desk. Its low on gas so you have to fill it up

Have fun, Sweetie! Love you!


So yeah. I have the entire house to myself and I'll probably take pictures later in my 'busy schedule'. I just hope I don't get bored. Now on to job hunting and getting an income while I tell them I'm low on gas to get to town. Maybe I can siphon the remaining gas in the Jeep and put it in my tank! IDEA!!

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